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Google Search and Humans

Google Search and Humans

As 2018 is wrapping up, we enjoy reflecting over the last twelve months. Observing digital marketing and social media trends is always fascinating and insightful. However, reviewing search engine trends might be the most interesting of them all.

In August of this year, NPR released an interview with data scientist, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. His interview answered the question, “What can Google search data tell us about human behavior?”

It’s often said that Google searches reveal the real truth about humans, otherwise hidden on social media. Stephens-Davidowitz explains the anonymity Google searches offer. Google doesn’t host a friends list or timeline revealing the searches one makes. The data is anonymous to those around you.

He says, “Their friends aren't seeing what they search on Google; they are seeing what they post on Facebook. Google also gives you an incentive to tell the truth to get the information you need, so you kind of have to tell Google what you're thinking if you want the results.”

It’s an interesting observance, without a doubt. This also poses the question, “What online trends should one consider for a marketing strategy?” Search engine or social media?

Search or social?

It’s always enlightening to understand what humans are searching for on the internet while understanding what humans are willing to engage with on social media. This makes the digital marketing world a fun challenge to manage for our clients! We live for it!

The cool thing about search engine insights is being able to use that data and develop a social strategy around it. Understanding an audience’s search trends and bringing them to social media platforms in a unique way offers great possibilities for your business.

Advertising spending on social media is projected to increase by seventy-one percent within the next five years. Regardless of who your business is, social media has the potential to take your brand to the next level.

Don’t have time to mess with search engine trends and social media strategies? We got you!

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