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Hiring a professional SEO is good for your health.

Hiring a professional SEO is good for your health.

As a small business owner, do you ever feel as though you need “emotional permission” to hire out a task?

We understand the feeling of being “control freaks”. We’re possessive of our business and always want to ensure behind-the-scene tasks are done, and well at that. Dishing out trust to another professional that can ultimately affect our success is hard! However, as a business grows, there comes a time one must let go and hire professionals to allow yourself time to focus on other tasks.

Today, we’re giving you permission to hire out the professional tasks that don’t bring you joy. Yes, we’re Marie Kondo-ing your small business.

Hiring a SEO professional is good for your health.

Did you know that almost 45 percent of entrepreneurs report being stressed? Stress is one of the most dangerous and overlooked health risks out there, causing headaches, high blood pressure, immune system suppression, weight gain and depression.

As a small business owner, giving 110% of yourself seems like the only way to grow. We live in a society where “more is best” and always “being on and busy” is praised. At what point do we understand that multitasking and being overly busy simply isn’t worth it?

One of the most common stressors of an entrepreneur is not having time to “do it all”. Hiring a professional SEO might not solve all your business and time woes, but it can most definitely help!

Hiring a professional SEO saves you time.

Depending on your business, optimizing and maintaining your website for search engines requires anywhere from three to twelve hours per week. As a business owner, can you imagine freeing up that time by hiring a professional SEO?

Sure, you might be search-engine savvy, but your time is invaluable. By hiring a professional SEO, you just might save 26 days out of your year.

Saving time allows for you to:

  • focus on the aspects you enjoy in running your business
  • build face-to-face relationships
  • practice a little self care.

Hiring a professional SEO makes sense.

When you think about it, businesses are quick to hire out daily tasks out of convenience; snow removal, maintenance or party planning. However, when it comes down to SEO or digital marketing, the services don’t seem valued enough to “throw money towards”.

Remember how maintaining your website SEO can take twelve hours a week? Time is money. Time is stress.

Do yourself a favor and hire professionals that can directly impact your business and save you time in the end. At Omaha Media Group, we give you permission to focus on what you love about your business. Delegating time-consuming tasks, like SEO and digital marketing to someone else. Us.

Ready for free time?

We’re the professional SEO and digital marketing experts that will free up your calendar!

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