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How to Best Target Your Ideal Audience Through Facebook Ads

Facebook is probably the best online forum in the world right now if you are trying to sell your product or service to a large audience or target group. Now, success with Facebook advertisements doesn’t come about randomly and without a plan. You will have to know the tips and tricks to not only reach out to your target audience but also persuade them to show interest to click your ad and consume the content. Finally, they will have to be converted.
In this article, some interesting strategies are shared that you can bet on for targeting your FB ads to the right audience.

Targeting Your Audience Based on Demographics

Since 2013, Facebook has formed a strategic alliance with data collection giants like Datalogix and Epsilon to glean all kinds of data. Using various demographic options on the ad targeting section of your ad, you can use the vast archive of data to funnel the ideal targets to your page or even use the data to exclude people who you don’t want on your website. You can target by age, ethnicity, income group which can be narrowed down to even net worth and liquid assets.
You can even search whether your target audience is a homeowner- single, multiple or first time.  Find out whether they are jobseekers or if they have already landed a job. Different companies find different sections ideal for their business.

Targeting by Interest

This is another very important parameter that a lot of advertisers use. Data can be retrieved from the pages your audience like, the apps they use and the content they search for. Always remember that it is best not to target too broad an audience group. Combine multiple parameters to create your unique ad targeting strategy.

Targeting by Psychographics

If you could get your hands based on psychographic data, it would seem you can read their minds like a clairvoyant! Are you looking for people who log on to social media at one particular time of the day? Are there particular days of the week when they hang out with friends? What are their travel patterns? What are the areas on which they are most likely to spend money? Is there a particular period in the month when they spend more? What are the fashion magazines they read or the fashion accessories they look up for most often on fashion portals? Do they use multiple channels for shopping? You will get anything you want. Just name it!

Targeting by Location

Where are the members of your target group mostly located? You can segment the market based on socio-economic classification which is directly dependent on the location factor- is it an upscale location in San Jose or LA? Is it a quiet neighborhood in New York, with a well-to- do Gen X population or a colony of immigrants in the lower income strata in Jericho? You can also create a small radius around your business epicenter to target only those who reside within that radius or are passing through the area. You may decide to announce a special offer to attract these “migratory birds.”

Targeting People Based on Life Events

There are enterprises whose business revolves around a particular occasion or event taking place in a person’s life. Events like marriage, house warming parties, and so on. There are vendors who can create ads for their audience after getting useful insights on the nature of the event, the date or the elaborate plan of the prospect.

Targeting Similar Audiences

You may have customers who have already made purchases on your portal and you have details of their whereabouts. Now you want to target a similar group. Facebook gives you the option to import the email addresses or telephone numbers and other details and then suggest similar groups. This group could be too large and hence unmanageable. Use other, aforementioned, metrics to narrow the search criteria.


Even after using so many analytical tools and spending a lot of time and money on digital marketing, your ads can still fail to generate curiosity and by extension of the same logic, sales.  Do you know why?  It is because more often than not, advertisers are producing rote, stale content. They are making their ads about themselves or the features of the product but not about the benefits they hold for the potential customers. Fresh and engaging content is the king of digital media. Everything else revolves around it. Never forget that. Facebook ads have a lot of untapped potential. Use it to your advantage.
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