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How to Make a Great First Impression

Making a great first impression with your clients

When you are attending networking events, it is highly likely that you will run into your next huge client while grabbing a cup of coffee from a nearby stall, which makes first impressions extremely important. If you make great first impressions, you can make contacts that can completely change the scenario of your business.

However, you don’t have to spend countless hours standing in front a mirror closely examining you or your business. If you follow these five tips, everyone you meet at the next networking event will have a great first impression about you.

1. Explain with clarity what you do

The very first step in making great first impressions is to articulate everything you are saying, so that everyone, including yourself, can follow and understand. When you are pitching to possible clients, focus on only your greatest quality. If you tell all your prospects that you are exceptional in five different things, they won’t remember those qualities. However, when you only focus and talk about your greatest quality, and you articulate it, your prospects will remember it, and they will be impressed.

2. Listen more, talk less

It’s challenging to get an individual’s undivided attention when you are talking to them because it is easy to get distracted. When you are speaking to a potential client, you need to completely focus on what you are saying, and listening to what they have to say. By doing this, the potential client will feel that he/she is very important to you. As it is a special and rare moment, the potential client will remember your conversation. If you think you are talking too much, try to shift the conversational focus on the potential client. 

3. Connect as much as possible

Even if a connector isn’t your strong point, you should make an extra effort in this area. Before you talk to potential clients, gather as much information as possible about them. For example, find out why they are in the networking event and the right person/persons who can help them out. When you do this with every person you meet, you are adding value to yourself and the conversation. Also, if you have to figure out what they do and what they need, you need to pay close attention to what they are saying.

4. Take action after you ask for advice

It’s quite flattering when you ask potential clients for advice. However, you know how frustrating it is when people don’t listen to your advice because it isn’t good enough. When you are seeking advice to figure things out, make sure that you follow through with the advice you get. If you fail to do so, they will believe that they wasted their energy and time. Next time you want advice, they won’t be ready to help you out.

5. Focus on strong body language

People focus so much on what they are saying that they completely forget about body language. Body language is just as important as what you say during your first meeting. When you are talking to people, ensure your stance is open while your hands are by your side, relaxed. By doing this, you are showing people that you are confident. However, you shouldn’t cross your arms or put your hands in the pocket as it shows defensiveness or lack of confidence. When you are sitting or standing, make sure you have a straight posture while keeping your shoulders back. Maintain eye contact with people when you are listening and speaking. Whenever you are conversing with people, ensure your body language is strong. As you focus on strong body language, it will naturally come to you.

With the help of these five tips, you will make a great first impression with potential clients!

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