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iMessage Update

With hundreds of millions of iPhones in the hands of people across the world, it’s been puzzling that Apple hasn’t updated its most-used app…iMessage.  Competitive apps like Facebook and Snapchat are constantly updating, so we’ve been shocked to see iMessage remain stagnant.  This week, however, in true Apple form, they blew our minds with the complete overhaul on Messages to compete in Apple’s ecosystem.

iMessage is opening the app up to developers who will be bringing some game-changers to the table.  We’re talkin’ everything from stickers, food ordering (pizza delivery anyone?), handwritten messages, and a feature that will highlight “emojifyable” words and replace them with a suggested emoji (we’re anxious to see how this pans out).

The only limitation at this point is that it’s only available within Apple to Apple systems.  Sorry Android.

What are some features we’re looking forward to?

Emojigying our messages.
As if we didn’t emoji enough, iMessage will highlight words for you and offer a suggested emoji.  We’re apologizing in advance for our soon-to-be over-emoji’d messages.

Enlarged Emoji
Because we love to emoji…go big or go home.  They’re now going to be three times bigger!

Handwritten Messages
Nothing is more personal than a handwritten note… right? Right. 

This little feature is similar to Facebook's “Like” and emoticons system…you can quickly and briefly acknowledge that you’ve received a message without having to send a lengthy text.

Live camera feed
Keep your friends and family in the now with live camera feed directly through iMessage.

Food Ordering
You can order food directly from a message.  I repeat…you can order food directly from a message.

These are just a few of many new features iMessage is rolling out with, and we’re anxious to try them all out!  Word on the street is the beta testing rolls out in July with the full release in the fall.  Are there any features you’re excited for?  Any that you think are ridiculous? 

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