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Improving UX: What do Users Want?


It is obvious that web designers must pay a lot of attention to improving UX. People change, and internet-savvy people all the more so! The speed at which the interests and choices of internet users shift is mind boggling and web designers have the intimidating challenge of keeping a pace with the ever-dynamic internet user.

The biggest problem?

Knowing exactly what the internet user wants!

Nobody can deny that internet users are perhaps not the very best sources of information when you want to obtain data about internet user habits because an internet user is almost always uninterested in answering questions or taking surveys on the web. Unfortunately, they happen to be the only source there is! Some insight can, however, be obtained from the bits and pieces of information that people leave online, which over a period of time build up into a significant source of information, uncovering patterns in behavior. From this source of information, it is safe to conclude that when you want to improve the UX of your website, these are the factors you would want to focus on:

1. Speed: the faster you can make things on your website, the better. Internet users want the websites, especially in case of e-commerces, to be fast enough for them to finish off whatever business they have on the site. People are busy today, handling numerous things at once. Naturally then, the more the website is optimized for quick completion of tasks, the better will be the user's experience.

2. Ease: internet users do not like wasting their efforts on figuring out what to do on a complicated website. That is why resist the temptation to create a site that is complicated in a bid to seem sophisticated and keep things simple instead. The more a user will have to figure out what to do next, the higher are the chances that she/he will simply shut down your tab and go to another website! The human mind automatically looks for things that require minimum cognitive effort. As such, having features that complicate things for the users is the surest way to drive them away.

3. Fewer steps: things such as checkouts should involve minimum steps. Internet users loathe each extra key they must type, each extra click of the mouse. As such, they are happier with websites that involve fewer steps to complete actions or remember information of a user who has been on the website before. UX enhancement should focus on reducing these steps in the checkout process and making things more simpler for the user if their experience on the website has to be improved.

4. Personalized content: data analytics has advanced to a level where you can record the most minute of internet usage details of each user. This means that today you gave a great opportunity to present the user with highly personalized services, options, and so on when they log-on to your website. Users then feel personally connected to the website and are more likely to enjoy using your website than others.

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