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Instagram’s Algorithm Update

It has recently been revealed that Instagram’s new algorithm “drops” tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.  Your Instagram feed has, thus far, been a chronological list of posts, however, the new algorithm will be basing your feed on “the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post”.

Basically, Instagram is going to pick and choose what you’ll see and when, just as Facebook has done.  There has been an outpouring of concern from small businesses worrying that their posts will be flooded out by bigger brands already prevalent over the social media outlet.

So what can you do?

“Turn on Notifications”
Suggest your audience select the three dots in the right hand corner of the screen and “Turn on Post Notifications”.  The upside: doing so ensures your followers will see and know that you’ve posted something to Instagram.  The downside, notifications can be bombarding.

If you post content that is engaging…getting comments, likes, shares, and reposts, then you will continue to be shown to a broader spectrum of followers.

Pay Attention
Keep an eye on what posts get the most interaction, and post more like them.  It’s an easy formula to success.

What does Instagram love?

Good quality photos that are in focus with natural lighting.  Hashtags to contribute to wider topics and conversations.

While some feel this is a worrying change, we really feel that having a curated feed can only lead to better engagement.

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