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Is Buying Links Beneficial to Your SEO?

Often times with SEO, the topic of buying links comes up.  One of the main reasons is to boost your SEO and to do it quickly.  In simple terms, buying links is like buying votes to Google.  The problem with this is that people think they can win their ranks this way.  The truth is, buying links can really hurt your site, even if you’re buying them from a trustworthy site.  

If you’re able to buy links, who else is able to buy links?  You’re not capable of knowing who this trustworthy site has already sold links to.  If you’re buying links, there will come a day that Google will notice.  Google penalizes sites with knowingly purchased links trying to rig their SERP.  

Google is able to detect purchased links in a multitude of ways.  Just as the average person receives emails about buying non-detectable links, the people at Google get those too.  Google has an entire team dedicated to investigating web spam, including buying links.  In addition, Google encourages other people to report link selling.

While it can absolutely be intriguing to buy links and boost your SEO quite instantly, there are nothing but bad side effects to this plan.  The best way to boost your SEO will always be the more time-consuming, hands-on way.  Searching topics that you want to be found for and sites that aren’t competitive to you will give you some insight as to where you could possibly be linked.  Contacting them directly and asking for a link would be much more credible and relevant.

If you’re looking towards alternative SEO options, contact us today to get a full analysis of your current strategy.  We’d love to help! 

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