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New Project - Alotta Brownies

“Taking over one Tummy at a Time” Not a lot of pastry chefs can name pop icon Madonna among their former customers; or Yoko Ono and Mary Tyler Moore either, but Michelle Kaiser, owner of Alotta Brownies, can.

During her years in New York City, Michelle baked cakes and goodies for a host of celebrities. Her orange truffle brownies were voted by customers as the best brownies on the upper west side of New York City.

Now back in Nebraska, Alotta Brownies offers all kinds of goodies. From cakes and cookies, to breads, brownies and pastries; as well as several varieties of sweet rolls. Desserts are sold to walk-in customers or may be custom-ordered. Also available are different sizes of breakfast trays, goodie trays and custom decorated cakes for any event (her made from scratch white wedding cake is very popular).

We are very excited to help Michelle and her crew's website match the awesomeness that comes out of the Alotta Brownies oven everyday.

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