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Popular holiday gift shopping sites

Popular holiday gift shopping sites

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is frantically hunting for the perfect gift for their family and friends.

Sure, it’s mid-December and we’re a little behind in our shopping, but there is still time! Right?

Shopping is never easy. But this time of year, the stress is real! So instead of panicking, we’re here to help!

There are a few different places to buy gifts this season. Whether you’re shopping for a fun-loving person, a tech-enthusiast, foodie, traveler or plain ol’ weirdo, you can find creative gifts for just about everyone.

Here are some unique spots to do some last minute holiday shopping.

Uncommon Goods
For those of you celebrating the holiday a little on the later side, one of our favorite sites to shop from, Uncommon Goods has everything you never knew you wanted.

Heads up, it’s super easy to buy ALL THE THINGS. One minute you’re buying a Yard Dice game for your kids and the next thing you know you’ve got baseball whiskey chillers, a Bluetooth banana phone and a pair of llama socks in your cart. (Don’t judge us.)

The best part? As an independently-own business, Uncommon Goods is passionate about their freedom to give back. And y’all know how much we love to give back!

Their Better to Give program connects their customers with non-profits all across the world with every purchase made. So far they’ve donated over two million dollars. And for that, we applaud you, Uncommon Goods!

Nebraska Made
For the Omaha lovers in the back! We’ve MADE it simple for you (get it?)! 
Nebraska Made’s got you covered.

This new, local passion project recently launched their first classic, product purely with the intention of bringing love, community and a sense of home to Nebraska!

If you’re shopping for the local Omaha enthusiast, snag up an “OMA” baseball cap! Go ahead and buy two, because they’re worth it.

Not from Omaha? Hang tight. Word on the street is more cities are coming.

Listen, we know Nebraska isn’t going to a Bowl Game this year…but the Frost warning is still out there. 2019 will be our year! We know it!

If you’re looking for a unique, Husker-centric gift, pop over to Husker Hounds.

Where else can you buy a seven-foot Herbie inflatable for your yard? Or Husker seat belt covers? If you could pick anything with a Nebraska logo on it, chances are, Husker Hounds has it.

We hope this short list offers you some good, quick shopping ideas for the people in your life this holiday season! Where are some other places you love to shop during the holidays? Let us know!

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