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Omaha Media Group expands to Austin, TX

Austin Press Release

Omaha Media Group LLC, an Omaha-based creative management firm, is happy to announce the opening of a branch office in Austin, Texas. OMG has selected Austin to be closer to clients in the South and have greater access to accounts in Central and South America.

OMG Austin Commons Area

Austin Media Group LLC DBA OMG Austin.

“We have seen significant growth over the past four years and feel we need to expand our business nationally. We specifically targeted the Austin area where we already have an existing client base. We have found that clients many times prefer to work with a company that has a local/regional presence where they can physically meet and discuss their projects,” Omaha Media Group LLC Managing Partner Brad Nietfeldt said.

“Partnering with the premier firm, Omaha Media Group,  provides our clients new services while maintaining a personal local relationship that is desired when working on digital media projects. We are extremely excited to grow and build a strong digital marketing presence in the Texas and Southwestern States.” Nietfeldt said.

Austin is the first of two new Texas-based locations planned for 2017/2018 fiscal year. OMG Austin will house OMG’s award-winning Search Engine Optimization and Marketing team as well as house an educational incubator for local university students.

Nietfeldt commented on the company’s expansion saying, “We have been able to acquire top talent within the Austin area at competitive rates. This allows us to further expand within Texas as well as other geo-targeted areas around the U.S. I believe that a key element to our growth is our audience-driven approach to Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, I feel our client’s appreciate the type of personal service we deliver,” Nietfeldt concluded.

OMG Austin is located on the fourth floor of the San Jacinto Center in downtown Austin, Texas.

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