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Here at Omaha Media Group we take great pride in the technology and work we create for our clients.  It’s not uncommon for an idea to come through our door at its very beginning stages.  And then, months later, we’ve developed someone's “dream” into a reality.  Be it an e-commerce store, a company website featuring new technology, or a new and never thought of web app that the dreamer never thought possible.  Creating these dreams from the ground up for our clients is honestly OUR dream.

So what does it take to get your project out the door?

Many people and lots of time.

Developing projects…turning dreams into reality…requires lots of hands in one big pot.  Our design team takes all of your ideas into visual consideration and creates the initial design and layout for how your project will look and function.  Once a design has been settled on it gets passed on to our development team that makes those design concepts function.  They are our “Wizards of Oz”.  Their creativity lies within their code and we value that in immeasurable ways.  We’d like to say that the team member that brings us coffee for the day is our MVP, but it will always and forever be our development team.  

Our development team can spend, depending on the project depth, weeks or even months turning your ideas into functionality.  When they’ve gotten near the finish line of a project, our development team starts putting together an internal Quality Assurance Panel.  John, our Lead Developer says, “We get to the point as developers where we’re no longer useful in testing the project because we’ve been working with it for too long.”  They round up available employees, some who have never even seen the project, and hole them up in the developer's room.  “We have them create accounts and use the app or project as it's intended. This helps us find bugs, but also helps us identify issues with usability or the user experience, both on desktop and mobile/tablet environments,” continues John.  Corey, our Junior Developer adds, “By utilizing multiple people, they’re more likely to investigate all of the buttons and features, where a single person or pair may only utilize the subset of functions they’re most interested in using or that the other person wants to use with them.”

During this time our Quality Assurance Panel will run through the app/project/website at their own pace and inform our developers of the changes or fixes that need to be made in real-time. Once those changes have been made, the QA Panel will gather again to “wash, rinse, repeat” until the project is complete.

Putting together a Quality Assurance Panel within our own team is what will help to make our clients’ projects successful. Uncovering issues in every realm that need to be found prior to any public launch of a project is essential to the integrity of our clients' dream.  

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