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Salvation Army Toyland Days

Salvation Army Toyland Days

On Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 our team spent time spreading a little love and holiday cheer at the Salvation Army’s Toyland Days.

This was the second year our team has volunteered at Toyland Days here in Omaha. Taking time during this extra busy season is a great way for us to grow as a work family and do whatever good we can for the community we live in.

Our mission at Omaha Media Group is, and always has been, to leave this world a little better than how we found it. Tuesday, we did just that.

What is Salvation Army Toyland Days?

You might remember us collecting toys a few weeks ago during the Angel Tree Toy Drive. Businesses and organizations all across the city have been collecting toys and donations to be gifted out during the Salvation Army’s Toyland Days.

Families in need register a few short months prior to this event where they are given the opportunity to select a number of brand new toys to give as Christmas gifts.

Toyland Days is where it all comes together.

Families are given a personal shopper and local volunteer to help walk them through the Christmas “pop up” store. Each registered family in our local area was able to pick out new Christmas gifts for their children. Not only did they gift great Christmas gifts, they also received games for the family, books, wrapping paper, and best of all, a helping hand.

Why we volunteer?

“I personally had a great time. I even had one lady start to cry because she said without the Salvation Army, she wouldn’t be able to give her children gifts this year. This experience really touched her.”
- Nora, Digital Marketing

“It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! It also makes me proud to work for a company that takes time to give back to the community and keep less fortunate in mind.”
- Steph, Graphic Design

“It's fun to help out and interact with everyone there. As a dad, it's fun to help other parents pick out the perfect gift for their kids. It's fun to do it as a team, because we're normally “locked” into our own spaces at work. I also enjoy when we have to team up with other volunteers, you get to chat with some very cool, very generous people.”
- John, Developer

“I think it's important for kids to be kids and not worry. Everyone should get to go back to school after break and talk about a special something from Santa or Mom and Dad. Today, in just 3 hours, we had hundreds of parents who are now able to give their kid something. It's a good feeling to start the Holiday!”
- Alyssa, Business Manager

“Giving during the holidays is the bomb. Making someone else's holiday experience just that much better is the only present I need this year,” - Mary, Graphic Design

“Volunteering with this awesome group of people for such a special reason warms my heart. Not only do I feel like we grow as individuals when we offer up our time, we grow as a team. It makes us a tight-knit group and I’m so thankful for that. I think it’s easy for us to get caught up in our “easy” lives when there are several struggling on the daily. Homeless, refugees, those in transitional housing, people laid off from work…they deserve to give their kids a great Christmas just like we can ours.”
- McKenzie, Digital Marketing

“I'm a new dad this year.  I feel like I want to give my kid the world, but to be in a position to not be able to give them a gift they can be excited about for Christmas is absolutely heartbreaking.  There were a few parents, even some grandparents today that weren't able to buy anything for the kids. I may not have actually bought the gifts for each of these parents today, but to know that each person I helped won't have to be 'that parent or grandparent' that won't have gifts for the kids felt pretty good.  I know they'll have a happy day, and that made me a happy guy.”
- Dustin, Project Coordination

“OMG does a lot of philanthropy but the toy drive is seriously one of my favorite things to do all year. Seeing the donations go directly to the recipients and the looks on their faces and appreciation they have is one of the best experiences ever. I can't thank the Salvation Army and all of the donors enough for doing something so amazing for those in need.”
- Brad, Managing Partner  

From all of us at Omaha Media Group, we wish you and yours a happy holiday.

Omaha Toyland Days with the Salvation ArmyOmaha Media Group volunteering at the Salvation Army's Toyland Days

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