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Pinterest…it’s not just for recipes and craft projects.  Did you know that 69% of consumers have purchased or have wanted to purchase an item they’ve seen on Pinterest?  While only 17% of Facebook users have.

SEO and Pinterest Tips & Tricks

Putting your products and services on Pinterest is a fantastic opportunity to get your products and services known, shared, and purchased!  The trick is being found, shared, and purchased!  

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Below are a few optimizing tips for your Pinterest Account, Pins, Boards, and SEO.

  • Visible Pinboards to Search Engines
    Above anything, search engines need to find you.  This is as easy as assuring your Pinterest profile is NOT hidden under Search Privacy in your account settings.
  • Create a Pinterest Business Account
    Business Pinterest accounts give you access to features like analytics and rich pins.  As the site grows, the benefits for businesses will only grow with it.
  • Optimize your Business Page Name
    Your business name needs to be easy to find, even on Pinterest.  Including your full business name in your account settings and always claiming your name in your Pinterest URL are great starts.  If your business name is long, shortening it to the optimal length of 3-15 charecters is best.
  • About Section Keywords
    Because your “About” section is rich content, it’s viable to show up in searches!  With a 200 character limit, you need to be clear, brief, and include a few keywords.  Including your location and website is also beneficial.
  • Website Verification
    Your website can be verified on Pinterest.  This certifies that you or your business owns your website.  It’s simple and can help in your SEO rankings.
  • Name Your Boards with Keywords
    By default, 3% of Pinterest boards are named “For the Home”, “My Style”, and “Products I Love”.  However, if you’re wanting to be found through a Pinterest search, using unique and detailed board names are recommended.
  • Board and Pin Description Keywords
    Pinterest allows for it’s users to add a short description of their pinning boards and right along with the individual pins.  Using this allows for you to be specific with keywords for each of your boards. It’s best to think like your consumer and how they might search for your company’s products or services.
  • Use Hashtags
    Love them, or hate them, they’re a major component to being found within Pinterest.  Hashtages categorize your pins to engage with the other 70 million+ Pinterest users.  Pins with up to three hashtags per post can reign in your search results potential.
  • Alt Tag Keywords
    Images can’t be read by Search Engines.  They read file names and alt tags.  Saving images with one or two work key descriptors other than the file name your camera gave it, gives your Pinterest search a higher chance of being found.
  • Use Pinterest Analytics
    Pinterest business accounts include its own analytics.  Check the graph to see pins broken down into repins, impressions, and clicks to tweak your strategies.

Pinterest can be a remarkable platform to market your products and services globally!  If you’re interested in developing a Pinterest plan as a form of your SEO and marketing, contact us today!

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