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So You Want to go Viral?

So You Wanna Go Viral?

So you want to go viral.  It’s a simple formula, really…clicks + plays + shares = viral.  Under most circumstances you need all three parts of this equations to get that “viral status”.

Let’s break down this into 5 ways to make your “hopeful” post, become a viral post.

1 - Attributes

Cater to your audience’s personal attributes.  Age, location, interests.  Using the knowledge you have of your ideal audiences age and their interests can get you further than not.

2 - Tribes

A tribe, you say?  Think of a “tribe” as a niche group.  Making your post extremely relatable gives your audience a sense of belonging and is more beneficial than having a broad appeal.

3 - Insights and Humble brags

Giving your audience a look into yourself, in a humble way, creates a relative experience for your audience.

4 - Delight

Giving your audience an overwhelming sense of emotion through music, dance, tricks, etc are sure to make your audience “share”.

5 - Collaborating

Audiences tend to enjoy “taking part for a bigger cause”.  Giving your target audience something to do gives them instant gratification.

In conclusion, always ask yourself the following:

  • How can we make our idea clickable, playable, and shareable?
  • How can we encourage our audience to share?
  • How can we build a story to capitalize on success?

The progression of online interaction is ever-changing.  Reaching a large audience to go viral is always a challenge, but with the proper approach, you’ve got a shot!

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