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Social Media -  A Pillar of Brand Loyalty

The Importance of social media for your brand.

Brand loyalty is a difficult topic to grasp. It can mean many things to many people. So, let us understand first what brand loyalty is.

What is brand loyalty?

It is the positive feeling customers have towards a particular brand and get dedicated to purchasing the same product/service again and again from the same brand, irrespective of a competitor's provocations. To put simply, it is that sure income or profit you have. 

We live in a world which is getting smaller by the day, all thanks to the social media. It is no surprise that Facebook alone has 1.86 billion monthly active users. So, just imagine the reach of social media. 

It is a goldmine of potential customers.

How social media is becoming the backbone of marketing strategy to build brand loyalty

Part of a big family It would help if you can consider the customer as a part of your extended family. Remember he or she has not only been a contributor to your business growth but also you must have some way impacted their lives.

Make a story out of the experience. Ask them to rate and review your products on social media and let them share their life-changing story after using your service or product.

Have a discussion on an open forum. Make them part of a conversation just like family members.

Ask for their opinion. Value the feedback. You will not be disappointed with the results as you will end up making many brand loyalists. 

Give a face to your product – Highlight the makers, give recognition to them. It will not only humanize your business but also earn confidence and build trust among potential customers, and you will eventually have a strong following through social media.

Use Instagram to showcase your dedicated workers. 

Network a little – What can be better than putting a question for your brand loyalist on twitter about the aspects of your business that they find most helpful or interesting.

This conversation will not only gain you enough publicity but also help you find a consistent voice as you go on answering tweets just to give an added impetus. Don’t forget to add humor as that is the best medium to make an impact. 

The challenge

The marketing strategy should be to transfer people on social media sites who are not directly inquisitive about your brand but may share a common interest.

The brand can sponsor dialogues, to test the water, give effective and prompt cues to channel brand curiosity and then slowly take it from there. 

Involve the known brand loyalist, their conversation will gather momentum in your drive to build your niche. This can be done by Facebook as a platform very effectively. 

Even if you are not social media savvy, with practice and persistence, you will realize how social media creates brand loyalists. You will grow fond and appreciative of the controlled yet interactive platform, for securing long-term customers. 

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