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Ten Ideas You can Cash in on in the Rural Sector

Business in the rural communities.

Many businessmen and women shy away from the rural sector, because of its perceived inability to provide a means of livelihood to people. However, if you do your research right, you may be able to find a lot more options at your disposal than what you originally thought possible. Here are ten different businesses which you could consider starting if you wish to work in, hire from, and use the resources of the rural sector:

Clothing, accessories, and jewelry

There are thousands of people around the world who are willing to pay exorbitant prices to get their hands on indigenous clothing, jewelry or accessories. From diamonds to silk, you can procure anything you want. 

Travel and tourism

The adventure tourism market is set to grow at a CAGR of 45.99% by the year 2020. Anybody who is looking to make it big in the rural sector shouldn’t miss being a part of the travel and tourism market in rural areas. Additionally, many of the villages or small towns have cropped up close to pilgrimage sites, making tourism a much sought-after trade.

Seed production

We all know that agriculture is the lifeblood of the rural sector. Why not cash in on that? Seed production involves growing seeds only within contained environments, so as to ensure superior quality. With seeds never going out of demand all over the world, it makes sense to invest in such a business.

Bee Keeping

The US honey industry is an estimated $150 million worth segment, with each US citizen consuming approximately 1.3 pounds per year. With such huge numbers to speak for it, the beekeeping industry is the right choice for anyone who wishes to take the sweet road to success.


Global per capita consumption of seafood has risen to approximately 44 pounds per year. Seaside villages enjoy the privilege of having access to fresh seafood all year-round. Pisciculture and aquaculture are good options to consider.

Jute and wood handicraft

Indigenous handicraft such as jute bags, wooden idols, and face masks are a few examples of products that you could have made by locals in the rural areas. There is a large, global market for rural handicraft.

Coffee and tea production

It’s a known fact that the world does not function without coffee and tea. Many hillside rural areas are climatically suited to setting up tea and coffee plantations. These are products that will never stop being in demand.

Animal husbandry

Are you interested in selling animal produce? Why not consider animal husbandry? Eggs, meat, wool, and leather are just a few of the products that you can sell. The sky is the limit.

Veterinary medicine

Many rural families have farm animals of their own. There aren’t many organized veterinary hospitals in some remote rural areas. Setting up a clinic there makes a lot of sense. 

Computer and language training

Employability skills in the rural sector are close to nil. It makes sense to start computer training or English language training centers in villages and small towns. 

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