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The Evolution of Graphic Design

How graphic design has changed over the years

Through the years, we have witnessed how rapidly technology is developing, and it is no secret that this development is seeping through almost every aspect of our lives. The field of graphic design has also been immensely impacted by the fast-paced digital revolution

Graphic designers now depend heavily on technology to create animations, websites, logos, portfolio designs, advertisements, and even architectural production. Graphic designers no longer focus only on the apparent graphic elements of products like their marketing materials and packaging. Today, the game has changed.

Increased investment by companies in graphic design 

Every day, we are bombarded with all kinds of online advertisements by different brands all over the world. While it is clear that brands now have an increased and easier access to exposure through the Internet and the rising production and use of electrical gadgets, especially smartphones, it has also given them the ability to assess and analyze data in order to find out which sources or content are bringing in more traffic.

The technology to analyze crucial details that help businesses increase revenue is now easily available to brands. They can digitally examine which graphics and other content are attracting more attention than the rest – which are receiving more likes, shares, comments, and saves, and eventually, find out which generate the most leads and convert potential clients into customers. 

Realizing this, many companies have invested huge amounts in graphic design, especially for the creation of ion content, in hopes that this would result in an increased communication with customers, including real-time feedback and analytics. For many companies, like Johnson & Johnson and Ikea, this has proven to be a huge success. 

As reported by the Digital Agency Network, Ikea quickly grabbed the opportunity of the public’s growing interest in virtual reality and introduced a virtual reality kitchen experience, which puts users in a virtual, life-size Ikea kitchen. This first of its kind experience is meant to gather suggestions and feedback from the users. This shows just how much effort many brands put in attempts to rise above competitors and make use of feedback and analytics to improve their marketing strategies. 

The combination of clever content marketing and graphic design in the field of digital/online marketing is also on the rise. Perhaps the best example for this is the hotel industry, as it has been heavily impacted by the trend. Hotel websites are no longer just for making reservations. They now serve as a platform to show off their impressive interiors and amenities, which is possible due to the perfect blend of technology, creativity, and outstanding graphics and design tools.

The rise of the remote graphic designer 

The career of a graphic designer has also evolved along with the development of the field itself. Companies no longer hire in-house designers; they hire freelancers. This is a huge advantage for both the employer and the employee. Companies get to save on office space and do not have to provide all the tools and devices needed. Freelance graphic designers too can work from anywhere at all. All they need is an Internet connection, a laptop, and a design software. 

As of now, it is clear that the field of graphic design will only develop further with the advance of technology. It will always remain an essential tool for brands to drive their profits, as well a medium of artistic and creative expression. 

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