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The Relationship Between Graphic Design And Branding

graphic design creates your brand

No brand identity can be created without the visual elements surrounding it. From the creation of the single most important identification for the company, the logo, to various color layouts and marketing collateral, graphic design is the skill used to create this identity. The creation of this identity takes into account years of practice and a thorough knowledge of what goes into creating visual design for a new brand. Not only do the aspects of the design have to be completely different from every other brands out there, this by itself requires detailed knowledge of both local and international brands. Unless you are an expert in the field, it is highly recommended that you approach a professional design company to create your identity for you. 

The visual design that is created are the basic essentials of corporate image development. Included in this category are not just the logo, but even the color scheme that go on collateral like letterheads and business cards. Usually taken from the logo, once decided upon, this color scheme remains as a constant visual identity, branded into the public image of the business. The designs reflected in this manner are not chosen at random. Each logo takes into consideration the personal philosophy of the brand it seeks to represent. A construction company may see rustic elements or even the use of construction material design in their logo. 

An entrepreneur starting a new restaurant themed around seafood could see a sea creature incorporated into their logo aesthetic. The color schemes selected to represent a brand similarly employ the use of the colors in the logo to create eye-catching designs. The selection of colors can take into account various factors, such as the theme of the project, the mood or setting the project illuminates, whether the business owner has any color preferences or any colors they consider lucky among others. At the end of the day, without graphic design, the creation of a brand identity would be limited to textual and verbal communication, taking away that all-important visual identity from the marketing campaign. 

Graphic Design And Identity Development

Graphic design is primarily used in creating visual cues for marketing campaigns. The basic idea is to create an aesthetic that helps the customer to immediately identify what the brand is. Successful branding campaigns from big corporations serve as existing testaments of that. The logo for either Coca-Cola or Pepsi are immediately recognizable, even if the name of the brand is not mentioned. Graphic design in marketing and branding are primarily used in four areas outside of the logo. 

Printed Collateral: Including brochures, catalogs, business cards, pamphlets, letterheads, stationery, Calendars, diaries – anything and everything that creates an internal brand identity. The logo appears in all of these and the designs tend to be centered around the theme of the business. 

Website: Any modern business venture must have a website. An important part of creating an online presence, the website needs to look good,  engage customers and be responsive on multiple platforms. The design created need to take into account not just the content, but the coding and programming requirements as well. 

Digital Marketing: These include the designs on social media platforms. What you mainly require are a logo and a banner, but constant updates on important current events can further help to get your brand noticed. 

Direct Marketing: A form of advertising that is not dead yet, a good design incorporates elements that induce the customer to call to action. From banners to point of purchase collaterals, these designs need not just a good hand with graphic design, but a strong understanding of what makes a customer respond. 

At the end of the day, the most important piece of brand identity is your Logo. It goes on all your company products and is the key identification for the company. Without graphic design, corporate branding would be a colorless world of numbers and figures. But with design, each brand gets a personalized identity that makes them stand out and catch attention. 

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