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These three SEO mistakes might be hurting your business!

These three SEO mistakes might be hurting your business!

For modern-day businesses across the world, including Omaha, SEO is flying high on the radar. SEO (search engine optimization) is the marketing practice implemented to boost the organic traffic to a website. Not only does it influence the amount of organic traffic a website receives, but it influences the quality of traffic as well.

According to a recent survey, the majority of small businesses recognize their business should be implementing an SEO strategy, but only thirty-six perfect actually have on in place. Additionally, out of those who do carry out SEO practices, over half do not include local search optimization.

Bad news!

If your business is not implementing an SEO strategy, let alone a local one, you’re potentially missing out on brand awareness, web traffic and even lead conversion! This doesn’t seem worth the risk in our book!

Obviously, not having a strategy at all is the biggest SEO mistake there is. However, if you are implementing a strategy without an SEO agency, there are a few mistakes that can get your website in hot water!

Here’s the deal, Omaha - SEO mistakes are a real bear for your reputation with Google! Even detrimental to your search existence, so it’s important to tackle them now!

SEO mistakes to fix immediately.

Slow Site Speed

Google is using website speed as a ranking factor for your website! Websites taking longer than three seconds to load are showing an increase in bounce rates, potentially losing out on a lot of business!

Your website could host some of the best content on the internet, but your audience will never know if they have to wait to get it!

Don’t know if your website is up-to-par? Utilize Google’s free PageSpeed tool! You can test your website here.

“How fast your website loads is critical but often a completely ignored element in any online business and that includes search marketing and search engine optimisation. And that includes page load times on mobile devices: The average time it takes to fully load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds, according to a new analysis. Yet 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a big problem.” Google

Lack of Mobility

Not only does Google consider site speed in search rankings, it considers mobile site speed. As of 2018, mobile-first indexing became top priority when crawling websites online. This simply means Google is now showing preference to mobile-friendly websites first, leaving sites lacking with lesser rankings.

If your competition hosts a mobile-friendly website and your business doesn’t - you’re not doing yourself any favors. Why does it matter? Because customers are accessing websites from mobile devices sixty percent of the time.

Remember, Omaha, SEO is just as much about helping the end user as it is becoming visible in search engines.

Unsure if your site is mobile-friendly? Google just happens to have a testing tool for that. Use it here!

Bad Content

That’s right. If your content isn’t up-to-snuff, Google will know. It’s no mystery that Google nearly knows your every move. If a business has duplicate or spam-worthy content, Google will be well aware.

In the past, search engines wanted all the content all the time. Now, search engines want good content on a consistent basis. If your SEO strategy has been based on quantity over quality, it’s time for a change!

Find yourself an SEO agency (hello, nice to meet you) that can produce valuable content for your audience.

Is your business falling short in SEO? There’s a chance your business didn’t even know there was a problem! It’s time to take ownership of your search engine space and begin a good SEO strategy!

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