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Tips for Creating Content for Non-Profit Websites

Creating copy or content for websites is never easy. This is more so for non-profit websites who, due to lack of resources, can’t always afford professional copywriters and designers to give their websites a professional touch. However, it is not impossible to create great copies even on tight budget. What is required is a clearly defined content strategy.

Why is content strategy so important?

Marketing content for non-profit websites is not so different from profit making ones. Marketers have to make their content popular and use the best SEO strategies that attract traffic to their websites. However, a clear content strategy would build synergy between the various online communication channels like websites, blogs, social media, video sharing sites and photo sharing sites.

No channel can work optimally if used in silo. Before, you start with a copy or content, you will need to be sure about the purpose. Are you trying to attract more donations and funds or are you trying to create awareness about a particular program promoted by your organization? Are you trying to find partner organizations or are you trying to make the target audience aware of the services provided by your organization, so that they can seek assistance?

It is quite obvious that whichever is your chosen vehicle for carrying the message to your target audience, the tone and voice have to be unique and consistent.

Some points to keep in mind while creating content for a non-profit website

1. Personalize experience for different types of visitors by writing copies exclusively for them: It is said that if you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. This is very appropriate for copywriting. If you are writing for a website which caters to different types of segments of visitors, you will have to customize the copies as much as possible so that the immediate and exact need of a particular group gets satisfied. You may have different pages or segments dedicated to different groups and clearly label them with proper headings and subheadings so that the benefits are clearly visible to the visitors to that section.

2. Include social proofs and actual stories to inspire confidence: Social proofs help to garner support quicker and build confidence. If you are collecting donations for a worthy cause, you will have to include testimonials from other donors as well as use personal stories and real life examples of victims or the needy, whose life have been saved or may be saved using the donation. Use emotionally-charged and actionable words in your content. Don’t just list out the areas where the money can be spent but talk help your visitors envisage how the money would help save a victim. Make your copy replete with CTAs.

3. Make ample use of statistics and numbers: One of the best ways of grabbing quick attention and building credibility of your copy is by using well researched and accepted statistics and numbers from credible organizations. When you are using a particular figure, make sure to mention the source too, including a link if possible so that interested visitors can check out the source website. Numbers help to give a quick perspective on a particular situation.

4. Use a conversational tone: When you are writing for a non-profit website, you will have to use emotive language and make it very personal. Use facts and data but don’t lose the essence of the purpose for which you are writing. Keeping it informal helps to connect quickly with your audience.

Good content makes a non-profit website reliable and noteworthy. It communicates the message and its purpose of existence effectively. Readers want clarity and right copy can help infuse confidence and a sense of direction. Don’t ignore the essence of writing an effective copy when you are writing for a non-profit website.

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