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Top 10 Cities Which will Make Your Start-Up Dreams a Reality

Top 10 cities for start ups

With businesses going global, entrepreneurs can choose to start their companies anywhere. Here are the cities that can help you get a step closer to your entrepreneurial dream:

A favorite with many, this city is perfect because of being tried and tested. While Brexit does create unique challenges to entrepreneurs, there aren’t many more surprises that lay waiting for the unsuspecting businessman.

Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia is a melting pot of ethnicities and the city of Kuala Lumpur offers entrepreneurs the perfect stage to release their products on a model global market. The affordable cost of living in Malaysia also allows startups to thrive as resource procurement costs are quite low.

This Australian city is slowly becoming start-up friendly. As a market that wasn’t traditionally built for supporting startups, this is the perfect place for people who wish to try their hand at a challenging market. The population diversity in the city is providing players a very global customer base.

While Russia’s political stability is a concern for anyone wishing to start a business there, the inbuilt propensity towards entrepreneurship is visible. Renowned for producing some of the best engineers in the world, Moscow is the perfect place to start a hardware or software venture. Today, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is one of the most sought-after businesses in Moscow.

Although the culture in China is still very conservative, with traditional jobs being valued higher than unconventional ones, the tax rebates the country offers its entrepreneurs is staggering in scope. The concept of “Make in China” has captured the imagination of this young country and start-ups are encouraged.

The Capital of Tunisia may not be the first city to come to mind when we talk of start-ups, but this North African city is paving the way to economic reform. The Tunisian government has implemented many start-up- friendly strategies which include incubators, accelerators and various education programs.

Egypt is churning out top-quality engineers these days, many of whom are turning to entrepreneurship. To cope with the rise in small businesses, the country is making laws related to startups more flexible.

Bulgari’s capital Sofia has one of the lowest Income Tax rates in the world – 10%. The city also offers one of the fastest Internet speeds in the world and is getting a lot of investment from the EU. Together, these make Sofia a great place for a start-up.

India has always been in the line of sight of aspiring tech entrepreneurs. Providing a Silicon Valley-like environment, but at much cheaper rates, Bangalore is the ideal city for anything digital. The city routinely hosts numerous tech and software-related conferences, competitions, and start-up meets.

The capital of Poland has a very robust entrepreneurial history. With many successes such as LiveChat and Allegro to its name, Warsaw provides an atmosphere that is conducive for the growth of start-ups. Bitspiration, the conference for startups in Poland is organized in Warsaw each year, further fueling the
city’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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