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Did you know that there are 7 key elements to a good mobile website?



A good website can be viewed anywhere on a mobile device.

Having a mobile site is 100% essential.

A good website has great visual design.

Having a design that encompasses your logo, fonts, and colors will help keep the rest of your content on track.

A good website has great creative content.

Keeping your content creative and relevant to you audience will keep them coming back for more.

A good website has a call to action.

Your audience might not know what to do, until you tell them!  Encourage them to contact you on each page of your website!

A good website has easy navigation.

Make your "map" easy to navigate!  Your users should be able to access the pages of your site easily!

A good website has great imagery.

Nothing is more welcoming than images that are inviting, bright, and enticing!

A good website has credibility.

Having a website your users can trust will give you legitimacy!  Using verified links, contact info, and good grammar will give you a leg up!

Let us help you create a new website!  


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