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What Makes An Ecopreneur?


When Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and committed environmentalist, talks about climate change and conserving our Eco-system, does anyone take him seriously? Do we praise him or do we think what business an actor has being so passionate about the environment? What do we call him; an actor, a businessman (he has an environmental foundation), an ecologist (he’s not a scientist), or an environmentalist?

He is, in fact, one of the many dedicated and devoted, environmentally-conscious people called Ecopreneurs. An Ecopreneur is someone who either creates or sells environmentally friendly/sustainable, products and services, along with spreading awareness about the environment.

The products/services could include growing and selling organic foods, recycling efforts/drives, or Green – conscious construction (like solar panels or wind-mills). Ecopreneurs are also known to, tirelessly and passionately, inform and educate people about changes in the environment, the importance of using environmentally friendly products, lesser use of fossil fuels, over-grazing, de-forestation etc. and generally, being more environmentally conscious.

So, what makes an Ecopreneur? Are you one? Let’s see if you possess the following traits to be qualified to be referred to as an Ecopreneur:

  • Do you care more about the environment and want to lessen the damage that is brought about in the environment because of the growing human population?
  • Are you passionate about community, environment and social issues with respect to your livelihood or volunteer time?
  • Are you willing to make personal sacrifices; in terms of giving up energy-consuming modern amenities, in favor of environmental – friendly methods of day-to-day home conveniences?
  • Are you seeking a better quality of life, that doesn’t impact the environment/earth negatively?

If the answer to even one of the above-mentioned questions is Yes, then you are an Ecopreneur.

Business leaders, who venerate Sustainable Development and Environmental Entrepreneurs or Ecopreneurs, spring from an increasingly popular conviction of beliefs, among a growing population of dedicated environmentalists; that embraces and adapts to the dynamic changes both in the natural world and the global marketplace.

While an entrepreneur values money, an Ecopreneur values the ecological health of the earth. The combination of the two is an Ecopreneur. This is a person who wants to make money by serving the earth, and then use his money to further serve his/her cause.

There Are Many Advantages Of Being An Ecopreneur:

  • Exploring a widely replete market place.
  • Positive impact on the environment.
  • A profitable Green Business marketing angle
  • A competitive edge in the environment-market.
  • Attract a niche audience of environment enthusiasts.

An Ecopreneur puts the environment before personal gain. They are more interested in making the world a better place for everyone. It’s about attaining a balance between serving the planet and serving self. 

The Ecopreneurial business venture will need to be profitable in a financial business sense but it needs to make sure that it doesn’t affect the Earth adversely. An Ecopreneur can’t forget about profits entirely because for a business to function up to its goals and capacity, it will need to make profits.

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