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What’s Up Omaha? College World Series 2016

This weekend begins a favorite pastime for Omaha locals and baseball lovers everywhere.  The College World Series kicks off this Friday, June 17th with team practices across town, Fan Fest, autographs, and the Opening Ceremonies featuring X Ambassadors and fireworks!  The first game starts Saturday, June 18th at TD Ameritrade Park at 2pm!  Games will carry on throughout the weekend and following week until the champions are determined by Tuesday, June 28th.  Click here for the full schedule of events.

So what does this mean for Omaha?

It’s sure to be busy.
Allow for extra time when passing through the downtown Omaha area around game-times.  Also allow yourself extra time when parking downtown be it for games or extra curricular activities throughout the weekend.

All the weather.
Temperatures this weekend are looking hang out around 99 degrees.  Dress cool and stay hydrated!  While we’re no Bill Randby, we seem to remember there being extreme weather for the College World Series every year.  Be smart, keep your eye on the sky, and on Bill Randby’s sleeves.

I scream, you scream…for Zesto’s.
An Omaha favorite and College World Series staple.  If you haven’t had Zesto’s after a CWS game, then you haven’t really been to the CWS.

People.  Everywhere.
Keep in mind that everyone from every neck of the woods is going to be in Omaha this weekend and all of next week.  One thing that we’ve found is that everyone is so friendly and happy to be hosted in such a delightful place in the Midwest (We heart Omaha).  They’ll be friendly to you…you’ll be friendly to them…you’ll enjoy the beer tents together.  Make friends and enjoy the series together!  If you like to stay “in the know” and entertained, following along with Mean Streets of Omaha this weekend.

It’s Father’s Day.
The College World Series seems to fall on Father’s Day every year!  Celebrate dad this year by taking him out in the 99 degree heat, buying him some ice cream and a beverage, and enjoy a game or two.  He’s gonna love it.

There’s baseball at the College World Series?
Many-a-local head down to the College World Series simply for the atmosphere…and the beer tents.  Did you get tickets to a game but feel like you need to make it a bit more interesting?  Check out these “games” you can play during the game with your friends to pass the innings quickly.

Are you going to the College World Series this year?  Who are you rooting for?  Who’s the underdog that might come out on top?  

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