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Who’s Who at Omaha Media Group: Jacob

First Name:

Office Nickname:

What the heck do you do here?
Web application development.

How do you take your coffee?
In the drain.

Describe your daily at Omaha Media Group:
Breakfast, emails, slack, asana, coding, lunch, coding.

What’s your favorite tool to use?

Do you have a desk/office essential?  If so, what?
1 gallon of H20.

If you could offer up one piece of industry advice, what would it be?
Always be studying.

What’s your social platform of choice?
Facebook and Vkontakte

What are you listening to?
Мы едем в лето (We are going into summer) 

Favorite industry-knowledge-gaining resource:

Happy hour drink:
Rum and Coke

Fun fact about yourself:
Avid studier of Russian Culture and Language

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