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Why SEO and Not Content Will Generate Leads for You

Does SEO or content generate more leads?

The title may look misleading at first because we’ve all heard that you need to have content on your website in order to attract customers. Well, there is a catch to that statement: the content needs to be geared for lead generation through SEO. This means that although you may have loads of content on your website, you may not be generating the full extent of leads that you can if that content isn’t geared for SEO.

Content and SEO Go Hand in Hand

After the content is written and undergone proper SEO, the optimized content helps to increase your site rankings in terms of the content you put out for visitors.

First and foremost, you’re using keywords that are related to your business and industry and there are tools that are helping you look for those all-important keywords to incorporate into your site. The most important one of those tools is perhaps Google Analytics.

Google Analytics as a Tool

Google Analytics tells you the amount of traffic you are driving to your websites and which of your blogs, articles, and other campaigns are helping you do so. When your potential customers type into the Google search bar, they’re on a mission to get a solution to their problems.

They find different links which are ranked by Google in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The better your SEO, the higher the chance of the customers finding a link to your blog on your website and clicking through to it. If they click through and come to your website, that’s organic traffic.

With Google Analytics, you can see which blogs on your website are performing well and which aren’t. You can optimize your keywords in those blogs and restructure or even rewrite that content to incorporate better statistics and more relevant (updated) information.

Google Search Console

Google search console is another tool that can come in handy. Using Google search console, you can see which of your posts have the lowest click-through rates. This means that those pieces of content are losing out on generating leads.

You can see the impressions you get for those blogs and the keywords that help you get the impression. You can then rewrite and restructure that content around those keywords to bring those leads to you.

Final Word

There is only so much effort that you can employ to get out more content for your website, so consider updating the same content that you have. This might take only a fraction of the effort and help you get on top of the rankings. 

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