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World Backup Day 2017

Data can be lost in an instant.  Servers can be demaged by fault equipment, natural, or simply, just time.  Unplanned data losses and downtime that cost more than $2 million over the last year, and for the tech industry...or any industry for that matter…that's unacceptable.

There are so many ways to back up your data and there's really no reason not to.  In the scheme of things, backup software, equipment, and storage costs a whole lot less than lost data that you can't recover.  Additionally, keeping a backup that's secure for criminals is also essential.


  • Have security policies in place for your backup and recovery systems.  Limit the access to these backups to only the people that need it and have that system monitored.
  • Store your backups offsite in a controlled environment.  Having your backup in the same burning building doesn't do you any favors.
  • Password protect and encrypt you backups.
  • Have a backup for your backup.

Having a backup system is so important in a world that is so tech saavy these days.  We rely so much on our digital systems that we tend to get lazy in protecting them, and that's when we get in trouble.  At Omaha Media Group, we take the conversation of backup systems seriously.  Your work and projects are important to us, so we've got a pretty slick backup system.  We understand the impact of loss and take every precaution to keep data safe.

What do you do to protect your data?

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