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3 False Happiness Beliefs That Make You Unhappy

Happiness is the greatest pursuit of life.  Some people want their dream job, others want to find their soul mate, but in reality, we are all just searching for happiness and joy.  Without happiness (or at least the hope of happiness), life almost becomes meaningless. 

We at OMG believe in being truly happy, not just on the outside but on the inside. This belief shows in our work, how we act and react with our clients a.k.a. OMG Family Members, how we conduct our business on a day to day basis but most importantly what we strive for in our own lives. In the pursuit of that happiness we wanted to take a break from technology theory and talk and to put our focus on the understanding of what happiness means and how we can best find it.

First and foremost, here is the truth about happiness:

It is our belief that the number number one thing preventing people from living truly happy lives comes down to their belief about what happiness actually is.  In our own experience, when you have the wrong idea about what happiness is, will you not end up spending your whole life either looking for something in the wrong place or looking for something which never even existed to begin with?

Let’s go over what we believe are some common false beliefs about happiness:

1) Happiness is an emotion

We believe the biggest false belief about happiness is that happiness is an emotion that comes in your energy field, when in reality, it is a state of being and a way of life.  When you receive something you want or see someone you like, you experience the emotion of happiness in your energy field.  You watch it arise, feel it flow through you, and then watch your energy field relax once it leaves.  When we believe that happiness is THIS emotion, we become attached to always trying to keep that emotion alive in our energy field, which causes us stress and anxiety due to expectation and attachment.

We then beat ourselves up for not feeling “happy” enough, which causes even more unhappiness.  What if happiness is actually a skill set and a way of interacting with the world as opposed to being a phenomenal emotion? What if it is a way of life and a state of mind?  When we stop looking at happiness as being the same as the experience of the emotion of happiness, we can then align our lives with a deeper pursuit of holistic fulfillment.

2) Happiness comes with external gain

We, and probably you too, were taught from birth that happiness comes from career, wealth, looks, possessions, accomplishments, achievements, and relationships.  There are many, MANY people who have everything they want in life, and deep down they are seriously unhappy.  Why is this?  Happiness is a matter of spirituality, self-realization, and a relationship with your own soul.  It’s an inside job.  Looking towards external things to fulfill your souls desire for happiness is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping bread all over your body.

3) If you are happy, you don’t experience things like sadness or depression

Finally, we believe a false belief about being happy means you never experience things like sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, or frustration.  We tend to think of a “happy” life as one consisting of rainbows, butterflies, and lollipops.  But what if a happy life is a balanced, holistic life?  What if sadness, depression, and anxiety are actually necessary in the pursuit of happiness?

When we believe that living a happy life and experiencing negative emotions are incompatible, we condemn ourselves for failing to live in a blissful state all the time.  In reality, being happy involves the experience of the whole spectrum of emotions, and the transmutation of those into a higher self-understanding.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne


Happiness, simply put, is about your relationship to the contents of your present moment.  It doesn’t matter what the contents are, it only matters how you react and relate to those contents in your mind and energy field.  Sleep well.  Eat well.  Communicate well.  And most importantly, take time to become still, present, and meditative.  Feed your soul with stillness, and you may just find that “happiness” has been there buried under thoughts and mental programs all along.

OMG = Happy

We here at Omaha Media Group, as a collective strive to live well and balanced “happy” lives which is displayed in our day to day business demeanor and the integrity in which we choose to conduct business. Our team is a very happy team because we choose to be and we want to SHARE our happiness with you too! A wise man once said “don't worry, be happy”, if you want to experience deep, unmoving happiness, think of it this way.  Less presents, more presence.

May you find internal happiness and may it shine through you.  Have a Monstrous Day!

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