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5 YouTube Tools for Boosting Your Content

YouTube is an incredible, yet very in depth, platform to build a following as a part of your marketing strategy.  The latest Google update is paying extra attention to video content, so we encourage this media to be explored and considered for your marketing strategy.

1. Optimize your videos

Strategizing your keywords for YouTube is about brainstorming and finding alternate ways to describe your videos.  Keywords shouldn’t exactly guide in your creativity, but they should heighten it.

There are several free development tools to perform keyword research for your video content.  Tools like Google Suggest and other Wordpress plugins generate keywords compared with Google search terms.

2. Study your competitors’ channel

Analyzing your competition is imperative to your marketing campaigns.  Getting an educated analysis can help you decipher what content works best for your audience and what keeps your viewers effectively engaged.

An easy, effective, and pay as you go tool is the BirdSong Analytics' YouTube Analysis feature.  Gather useful stats, such as your competitors’ best time for uploads, likes, and comments through filters and conditional formatting.  

3. Eye-Catching design

YouTube marketing isn’t all about the content.  Getting people to click on your links and engage for earning engagement is a huge part of it.  Therefore, creating inviting graphic design components is essential.

Creating captivating thumbnails in free programs like Canva is an easy way to create thumbnails for your videos and upkeep a consistent look for your channel.  Thumbnails should be as large as possible beings that it will be the preview image in your embedded player.  As a guideline, your resolution should be set as 1280x720; in a standard JPG or PNG format; and under 2MB.

4. Get your YouTube videos shared

Once you’ve uploaded a video to YouTube, it’s essential that you promote your video on other social media platforms.  Using your channels RSS feed, makes this easy to accomplish. A general rule of thumb when posting to YouTube videos to social media, especially Facebook, is to keep them at or around one minute to a minute and a half. This will ensure that your video not only gets watched in entirety but also engaged with; liked, shared and commented on which in turn, expands it's reach. 

5. Track your stats

Monitoring your channel and video progress can be done through tools such as Cyfe.  You’ll create a dashboard that auto-updates in real time.  There are also built in YouTube tools that are fantastic ways to start out with your new channel strategies.

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