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4 Common SEO Myths

how to avoid these common seo mistakes

Search engine optimization or SEO, despite being a strategy that is being increasingly used in marketing is still a relatively new concept and like all new concepts, SEO is surrounded by its share of myths as well. For a person who is new to SEO, these myths can make it seem pretty confusing. Take a look at the common SEO myths.

Internal Blogs Alone Can Boost Your Website Traffic

This is a very common myth when it comes to SEO. Most people believe that posting on your own website is effective in increasing the traffic to your website while improving SEO rankings. This is not true unless you have a really strong website. If this is the case, then internal blogging is likely to drive more traffic to your website.

It is always better to write blogs for different sites in your niche. This will help you to get leads and increase traffic to your website. Building links with the help of external websites will boost your domain authority which is a measure of the strength of your website. Once you have a strong domain authority, internal blogging will start to become a more viable option. This does not necessarily mean you have to completely stay away from posting on your own website. if you do so, make sure that such posts receive enough and more exposure by means of Facebook campaigns.

All Backlinks Are Equal

The purpose of backlinks is to improve your SEO rankings and provide a level of credibility to your website. This can be achieved only if the links are high-quality links and are coming from an authoritative website. These links are more likely to increase the traffic to your website, especially if your website happens to be quite new. The hyperlinks that you include while posting your content on social media are not counted as links that can build up your backlink profile.

Money Can Get You To Rank Better In Google

Another common myth associated with SEO is the number of pitches and articles that claim to get your website to rank better if you pay money. This is absolutely not possible. Most of these pitches are made by small companies that operate overseas and they simply create spammy backlinks to their website which has no value whatsoever and simply results in a penalty from Google. The same applies for spam comments. They will be marked as a no-follow by Google as these have no quality and are simply a spam tactic to create backlinks. Ranking better in search results can only be achieved with the help of a proper SEO strategy. There are no shortcuts to it.

Ranking better=keyword stuffing

Most people think that stuffing their website with keywords will help them rank better in search results. The fact is that keyword stuffing is part of a practice called blackhat SEO that does not follow the required SEO guidelines. Google can easily identify keyword stuffing and penalize your website for spammy tactics. The same applies for the inclusion of invisible test.

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