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How to Build Quality Backlinks Using the Broken Link Method

Importance of quality backlinks from the perspective of SEO optimization has been discussed many times. Many experts are now at their wit’s end trying to devise new methods which will help them to get more White Hat backlinks. They want quality backlinks which will help them to optimize their sites and improve their rank without attracting Google’s penalty. Guest posting is already over-leveraged; link exchange is also questionable and borders on transgression. Bribing with cash will amount to flouting the rules stated in Google’s webmaster policy and invoke heavy penalty. You website will not only be demoted but may be scrapped altogether.

Nonetheless, there is a method; it's not new but hasn’t been explored much. You can use this technique to improve your site rank. This method is completely scalable and it depends on the philosophy of doing a service to the internet population. 

The method is called broken link fixing method.

How does the broken link fixing method work?

The broken link fixing method, as the name suggests, entails you to identify all such links to webpages that are non-existent, intimating the webmasters about the same and offering them to replace these broken links with functional links or creating brand new, relevant, high value content and replacing the old, broken links with links to your page(s).

Some web owners would be happy if you simply make them aware about the broken links and they would be happy to send you backlinks in appreciation of your service. Some may also want you to replace the broken links, which usually revolve around a page that was previously linked to being removed without intimation to the readers and those who had linked to it. An error message is displayed when the link is clicked on. You can point out to the problem and if the admin is willing, replace it with your own link.

This is today considered one of the best techniques of getting high quality backlinks in a completely honest and acceptable manner.

Tips that will help you to use the technique perfectly

1. Finding potential targets

You will have to keep a keen eye on popular high domain websites which have either stopped their service, moved to a different domain, changed their name or have completely shut down. You can also pick up a particular niche and then search for the popular keywords in that niche. By searching for those keywords, you will get the most authoritative search results on the rankings page. Start visiting these pages and checking for broken links using the relevant tools; they are the most popular sites and have the highest number of backlinks. There is always a high possibility of link demise.

2. Use the right tools

According to a post on Quicksprout, Check My Links, a Chrome Extension, and Domain Hunter Plus are two of the best tools that help you to scan and identify probable broken links quickly on a page. Domain Hunter Plus also allows you to check the number of links to that particular domain and also informs you whether that domain is available for registration. Xenu’s link sleuth is another amazing tool that helps you to scale up your efforts exponentially. Ahrefs Site Explorer is another tool that you can use if you are trying to identify all the Error 404 links in a page.

3. Approach the owner

You will now have to approve the owner with your proposals and a list of links that you think needs replacement. In order to approach owners of very popular domains, write a formal email to them telling them that you are a fan and that you have their best interest at heart and offer them your service. Most owners will respond, if they don’t move onto the next owner. Try to build a long lasting relationship.

Finding the broken links may take some time but it isn’t backbreaking work if you use the right tools. However, your outreach will determine the success of your efforts. Most importantly though, you will have to produce truly impressive content that site owners would want to link to organically. Many people overlook this part and get rebuffed. Don’t make that mistake!

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