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4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Neophytes to the world of marketing are prone to mistakenly believing that digital marketing is different than other types of marketing.

It isn't. Digital marketing is marketing.

Digital marketing includes everything from billboard signs to websites and personal device applications. Search engine optimization and blogging are also part of digital marketing.

Everything related to Omaha commerce — e-commerce and otherwise (ignoring the fact that almost all commerce is e-commerce nowadays) — makes use of digital marketing.

With digital marketing, sometimes it is difficult to know where to concentrate one's efforts and marketing budget.

Below are 4 digital marketing trends everyone should integrate into their Omaha digital marketing strategy.

1. Content Development

In the early 1990s, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled, “Content is King.” Though everything else computer-related has changed, that has remained the same. Content is still king. In fact, content is more important than ever.

Content is the means by which companies reach their two audiences: consumers and algorithms. The more content you have — prose, video, audio, social media content, ads, etc. — the higher your website's search engine ranking page (SERP) position.

The higher your site's SERP, the more customers you reach. The more customers you reach, the more sales. The more sales… you get the idea!

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tracking customer behavior is nothing new. Google Analytics and similar tools for other search engines have been around for more than a decade. But, software that responds to customer behavior is just now maturing.

AI has finally become more than a buzzword in the marketing industry. AI is now a necessity.

You must not only track your customers' behavior, but you must also respond to it. And, you must respond to it in real time. AI allows you to do so.

3. Personalization

In addition to responding to consumer behavior in real time, you must tailor your content to meet the needs of each individual that interacts with your e-commerce platform.

You must follow up on their visit to your e-commerce website with social marketing and email marketing specific to individuals. Newsletters and RSS feeds, too, must meet the specific needs and interests of individuals.

Personalizing the content you distribute is the only certain means you have of making sure it interests potential and existing customers.

4. Influencer Marketing

There is a logical fallacy called “appeal to authority.” Appealing to authority as a means of arguing the validity of a premise or conclusion is illogical because it does not address the reasoning behind the argument.

Simply put, it is the notion that parents don't always know best.

But, with respect to marketing, appealing to authority is the most logical sales tactic. People trust brands experts trust. Even more importantly, people trust their families and friends.

Though it sounds like stating the obvious, it must not be because most companies fail to do so: the key to influencer marketing is to gain the trust and adulation of people who influence large groups of consumers.

Influencer marketing is digital word-of-mouth marketing.

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