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5 Rules To Increase Your Voice Search Rankings

voice search optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular in the world of search marketing.

With voice search becoming such an important aspect of search strategies, it is important to rank well in terms of voice search results.

With voice search, speech recognition technology is used to interpret voice queries by users. The search engine sifts through masses of data to find the results that best match the voice queries made by the user.

The increasing popularity of voice search has made voice search ranking a crucial factor in determining the success of the online presence of any business. It is essential to incorporate voice search into your marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to increase your voice search ranking.

Always keep in mind that voice search is conversational

Unlike text-based search, voice search is conversational. This means that content and keywords need to be optimized keeping this conversational nature in mind.

The keywords in voice search might be widely different from the target keywords being used for text-based search. While creating content, optimize for both text-based and voice-based search.

Think like a consumer

When trying to optimize your website for voice search, try to think about all possible questions a consumer is likely to ask. This enables you to create content that effectively answers all the questions an audience might have. You can use questionnaires and surveys to collect such information.

Pay attention to local sources

Most voice searches are used to find out answers for “near me” queries. This means that it is important to include local SEO factors when it comes to optimizing your website for voice search. Some of the most common “near me” queries include “restaurants near me”, “Gas station near me”, and so on. Studies show that nearly 22 percent of voice searches are for local information.

Have better answers than your competitors

Simplicity is the key when it comes to ranking better in voice search. Try to provide simple answers for your customer's questions. For example, the simplest answer to a voice search query such as how to boil a potato is “Cover the pan with a lid. Cook the potatoes in gently boiling water until tender, about 15 minutes for cubed potatoes and new potatoes and 20 to 25 minutes for quartered potatoes.”

Users prefer to have their questions answered in the simplest way possible. The simpler and better your answer, the higher are your chances for outranking your competitor.

Optimize your mobile website

Voice search is almost exclusively used on mobile phones. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your mobile website is well-optimized. Keep updating your mobile website and make sure that they are voice search friendly.

Two of the most important factors in the optimization of your mobile website is to optimize your site speed and increase the scanability of your website.

Users want quick and concise responses when it comes to voice searches on mobile websites.  Try to make use of visuals to demonstrate your point.

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