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6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website using Twitter

Twitter traffic to boost website.

Social media marketing is the new mantra for anyone looking at growing their business and increasing visibility. Using social media is a great way to target the right customers and to draw in potential customers to your business. Various social media platforms exist today, and each one can be used differently to grow your business. Is your business on Twitter yet? 

Using Twitter effectively to boost web traffic for your business

If your business does not have a page on Twitter, the first step is to create an account in the name of your business. This must be separate from your personal account and should never be bundled in together. 

Make your content eye-catching: Use photos, videos, infographics, graphs, anything that will add some color and a visual element to your posts. Social media is all about instant gratification and short attention spans, which means you need to grab people’s attention within a first 2–3 seconds. This is where visual content can help you and make your content interesting enough to hold viewers’ attention. 

Be a tease to get people interested: Twitter has a character limit on posts, which means you can only say a little bit in your posts and add a link to the rest of what you want to say. Now, if you want readers to actually click on the links you post and read the full content, you need to ensure you do not give too much away in your Twitter post. Just give an idea of what you are talking about in your post and follow it with a link; this will pique people’s interest and they will click on your links. 

Ensure your bio is completed and interesting: If people see an interesting post on Twitter, they are bound to look for the entity behind the post. You need to ensure that the Twitter bio for your business is completed, fun to read, and gives essential information. The bio can also include links to your popular posts on the account for readers to check. 

Use trending and unique hashtags: If you want to make your posts more searchable and easy to find, and you want them to pop up in multiple places, use hashtags. Look for trending hashtags that are relevant to your business, and combine these with a few unique and catchy hashtags that are unique to your business. Hashtags help readers find your posts, and the tags help you target the right audience for your business. 

Use public surveys and questionnaires: Creating public polls is a great way to increase traffic to your website. You can create a survey or questionnaire on your website and post the link with a short write-up. When people wish to answer the poll, they will visit your website. You can also use the data people give you through these polls for marketing more effectively and for internal R&D purposes to cater to your customers better. 

Ensure that your marketing strategy includes the content you post on Twitter and a strategy to create content specifically for various social media platforms.

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