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All You Need to Know about AI-Enabled Personal Assistant Technolgy

AI Technology

You might have heard of artificial intelligence or AI, and thought, now that sounds so futuristic, like something from a science fiction movie, right? You would be surprised to know you might already be using AI technology in your everyday life without even realizing it.

AI technology is more commonly used today than you might imagine. Chatbots on various websites are probably the simplest form of AI today. Lately, you may have heard about AI-enabled personal assistants. What is this tech and where is it used? 

What is an AI-enabled personal assistant?

An AI-enabled personal assistant is a device that is connected to the Internet and can perform a variety of functions, the scope of which keeps increasing by the day. These devices are voice-enabled and you can basically talk to the device to get it to perform a task.

Many tasks that can be performed online can be performed using these devices. These devices also come with machine learning capabilities; that is, these devices will learn and remember your preferences and choices and narrow your searches as you keep using the devices. 

Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s assistant are a few of the popular AI-enabled personal assistant devices. Apple is expected to release a Siri-enabled device of their own very soon. 

Pointers to keep in mind concerning AI-enabled devices

  • They are connected to the Internet and are prone to hacking and other online attacks. You must keep the security systems on these devices updated at all times to minimize risks. 
  • As these devices are voice-enabled, they are always listening to everything everyone says around them. You need to check what steps the brand takes to ensure your private information stays secure and safe with them. 
  • Know that there is a certain lack of privacy that comes with these devices, be it taking calls on speaker, or being reminded of appointments out loud. 

It is important to understand these factors before you invest in an AI-enabled assistant and ensure you are comfortable using the device. 

Current applications and uses of the AI-enabled personal assistant tech

These are a few of the many functions most AI-enabled devices today are capable of performing, along with functions that will soon be available on these devices: 

  • Order groceries and other items from online marketplaces.
  • Ask general questions and perform information searches and get responses. 
  • Find good restaurants for ordering takeout and order food from nearby restaurants of your choice. 
  • Set a timer for cooking or other activities so you can finish other work. 
  • Create reminders and appointments in an online calendar and manage them efficiently, along with giving you timely reminders. 
  • Make and answer phone calls (these will be on speaker) hands-free, especially if you are busy or cannot pick up your phone to make or answer calls. 

The number of applications, or skills, and options available on these devices have been growing every day as coding experts develop ways to satisfy consumer demands and expectations within the capabilities of the AI-enabled devices. 

Are you taking Artificial Intelligence into account for your technology? 

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