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Digital Marketing for Omaha’s classic brands

Digital Marketing for Omaha’s classic brands

One of the things we love the most about being an Omaha digital marketing agency is being surrounded by other classic local businesses that have made a longstanding impression on the business community.

From Fortune 500s to mom and pop shops, Omaha has every kind of business imaginable. Big name insurance moguls, successful agribusiness and unsuspecting record labels (yep, record labels in Omaha).

While Omaha is still considered small in the scheme of cities, that doesn’t mean the digital footprint can’t and shouldn’t be massive!

As a professional Omaha digital marketing agency, we’re here to tell you that regardless of how long you’ve been in business, no matter the industry, you need to have an evolving digital marketing plan.

Have an evolving digital marketing plan.

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is failing to understand their audience. It’s not uncommon for a long-established company to assume they should simply cater to the audience they’ve always served. However, that’s just not the case.

Classic companies like Kellogs, Campbells . Consumers are now buying what works for them as opposed to longtime household names. Consumers, as a whole, are far less brand loyal than they were in the years past.
and Tide are noticing they need a new approach to marketing

With online shopping and services being available anywhere,
anytime of day, classic brands are struggling to stay relevant.

As Americus Reed said, “The challenge for these legacy brands is that the people that were born into them are going to die, and so you better have a plan to talk to these younger types of consumer.”
marketing professor,

Sure, it’s exactly a couth way to say “observe your audience”, but it certainly gets the point across.

Classic brands in Omaha.

What’s this mean for the classic brands of Omaha? It’s time to start thinking about future consumers while maintaining current ones. If your marketing plan doesn’t include the consumers down the line, you need a new gameplan.

Trusting an Omaha creative agency like ours offers up a fresh point of view while maintaining the consumers that have been so brand-loyal over the years. The greatest successes in the digital marketing world come from honoring your roots and understanding your audience.

If you’re a “classic” business in Omaha, what measures are you taking to ensure the generations to
come keep you a “household name”? Have you utilized a digital marketing professional to keep new consumers coming in? It’s never too late to start!

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