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Fall Social Media Cleanup

Fall Social Media Cleanup

Having a solid social media presence is an essential part of business and brand awareness. Your online presence allows your business to engage with your current customers, reach new ones, and maintain consistent content for your following.

As social media experts in Omaha, we highly recommend doing a social media audit a few times a year. By doing so, you’re keeping your social platforms fresh, consistent and forward-thinking.

How to clean up your social media.

Measure first.

Before you start to wipe out a bunch of social content, it’s important to measure your current standings before any changes are made. Track your followers, engagement rate, and click-through rate.

Having a log of this information for each social platform will give you insight to the weak points in your social strategy. Once each of your platforms has been recorded, it’s time to get into cleanup mode.

Determine your platforms.

If you’ve ever been told your business needs to be on every social media platform, you’ve been wronged. Your business only needs to be on the platforms that show traffic for your audience and provide the most ROI.

Put your time and energy into platforms that make the most sense for your business and your industry. If your current target audience isn’t on YouTube, skip it. You don’t need to abide by the idea that having each platform is “nice to have, just in case”.

Remember, time is money. And your time is better spent where your audience is.

Update the basics.

The general information on a social platform page can often go overlooked. Update any email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers that may have changed in time.

Additionally, review any website links referenced within your company information. Broken links are bad for business, regardless of where they sit.

Also, take this time to update your company visuals. Most social platforms have a space for your company logo and cover images. Keeping these fresh and current will keep your profiles looking active and tuned-in.

Make a plan.

It’s important to assess your social platforms and their success. Make a list of the strengths and weaknesses you and your business possess and how they can be managed in the future.

Hire a professional social media manager to review the information you currently have to determine what will create the best growth. By setting goals with a professional, they can establish and implement a social strategy that can increase your brand awareness, lead generation and customer engagement.

A clean and current suite of social media platforms is not only good for your business image, but it’s also good for your audience. Set aside time each quarter to implement these best practices and you’ll stress less as time goes on.

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