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Four digital marketing trends ruling the web

Digital Marketing trends

Do you want to stay on top of the marketing game? Do you want to beat the competition? Do you want to lead the consumer conversations?

Of course, you do! Every company would like to stay in the news. The surefire way to achieve this goal is by keeping a check on the marketing trends.

This is because marketing trends evolve faster than you think. What was ‘hip’ last year may be considered archaic this year.

So what’s trending?

These four trends are reaching a wide audience:

1. Live Streaming

If your business is ready to give customers a “behind-the-scenes” look of your services or products, then live videos are the resource for you.

Many youth-based brands know their audience loves to immerse themselves in an experience. Therefore, they’re keeping their customers in the loop via live streaming videos.

Live streaming offers the company an opportunity to:

  • Humanize their brand
  • Garner attention through sneak peeks
  • Give the audience access to exclusive updates

Facebook and Instagram know the benefits of live streaming. That is why they provided you with an option to go live and connect with your customers instantly.

Additionally, customers enjoy gaining insight into how brands work. They feel the short videos are easy to digest in their busy schedule, more exciting and better than reading lengthy blogs or press releases.

2. Chatbots

Customers are embracing artificial intelligence and so should you. This automated response system engages customers in real-time.

Surveys highlight:

In short, these virtual assistants need to be hired ASAP!

3. Image Search

You know the short-tail keywords you have been carefully incorporating in your content?  Well, that may be of no use in the future!

This is because technology is taking searching a step further via image search. Users simply have to post a picture and the search engine will instantly direct them to the source or something similar.

This nifty feature is already seen on  Pinterest and has helped boost savvy e-commerce companies.

Isn’t that amazing?

Last year’s drastic shift in consumer traffic followed the impact of voice searching, and perhaps you’re still adjusting to this trend. However, you can still stay ahead by also combining image search in your digital marketing plans.

4. Mobiles

You may look at this and say ‘Duh!’ but have you actually given mobile development a thought? What are you doing to optimize your content for mobiles?

The fact is everyone uses their mobile devices. All. The. Time. Your potential customers are literally hooked to their smartphones and you need to exploit their addiction. Create mobile sensitive websites, send them messages and develop mobile apps to make shopping or daily tasks convenient for them.

As a whole, these trends are the key to engage, entertain, and attract your audience. You need to pick one and execute it for a successful sales run.

Which trend will you choose?

Do you want to rule the web?

We can help you with that!

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