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How can Businesses and Bloggers Create a Strong Personal Brand Online?

A business owner or a famous blogger needs to create a robust personal brand online. The reason is simple; customers and clients like to conduct transactions with businesses that have a face rather than a corporate entity or a faceless monolith. This is why top corporate honchos, experts, and bloggers are asked to have an online presence and connect with the target groups directly. This helps them to understand the pulse of the audience, and the audience will feel more secure and open up about their problems easily.

However, in order to build a strong personal brand, you should first earn respect and authority in your online niche or community. You need to establish yourself as an industry leader who understands an industry or a particular subject with all its complexities. You need to have profound domain knowledge and you will have to share exciting and interesting guides and tips so that your readers start considering you as a go-to person in your domain.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is how people perceive you and remember you in the public domain. You could brand your name, your business or your area of expertise and build a reasonably large following of people who look up to you or consider you an authority. It is better to be a master of a few areas than a jack of all trades. That way, you will be able to connect your areas of interest and expertise with other similar areas and target more people.

Ways in which you can create a strong personal brand

1. Write blog posts or articles that address specific issues in your domain

You will have to be a thought leader or a key opinion leader. You can only become one when you consistently understand and address issues that bother your readers’ community. Try to do original research. Use original statistics and analysis in support of your arguments. You may be conforming to traditional beliefs or challenging established thoughts. However, you will have to differentiate yourself by presenting lines of thoughts that nobody has thought before or present further evidence of something that you are discussing.

2. Become part of industry bodies and popular online communities

You need to be visible. Be a part of industry bodies and communities where you can make contributions through your work. Try to learn more about your industry as the world is changing fast and even experts need to update themselves. Participate in or conduct workshops or seminars. If you become the member of a famous industry body, mention it in your personal websites and social media accounts because they have credibility. Also, try guest blogging on related blogs and contribute with content on relevant websites.

3. Paid social media promotion

Paid social media promotion is not just for brand promotions of companies. As an individual or a business owner, you should also use paid social media promotions to expand your audience base. This is how your readers will find out about your awesome articles and give you more traction.

There are many personal branding techniques and each one is effective. Try to be in touch with your core audience groups always if you want to see a greater conversion in relation to your business or build a legion of loyal followers.

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