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How does micromarketing work?

How does micromarketing work?

Understanding your target audience is an intensely influential part of your business. There is a vast difference in knowing who your audience is and fully understanding how they buy your goods and services.

Understanding your audience is more than gathering the names, email addresses and locations of your customers. Understanding is knowing their likes and dislikes, the other products and services they use, and the content they enjoy seeing.

What you do with this understanding is where the good stuff happens!

What is micromarketing?

Micromarketing is a strategy focused on a narrowed down, targeted group of people. When honing in on a specific group of people like this, your marketing investment goes towards an audience most likely interested in what you’re offering.

This is where understanding your audience is extremely important. Combining the knowledge you have on your audience with the traditional strategies of a marketing campaign.

How is micromarketing applied?

Weirdly enough, we could geek out on micromarketing day in and day out. Here’s an example for you.

Your business:
A local landscaping and snow removal business.

Your audience:
Homeowners in the Omaha Morton Meadows neighborhood. Young professionals, possibly medical residents or staff at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Your micromarketing campaign:
Promoting your snow removal services to medical staff owning homes near the hospitals that already utilize lawn services in the summer months. You already know they’re willing to pay for a service in the same field and you understand their urgency and importance to get to work each day.

The likelihood of this narrowed down group inquiring about your services is much greater than promoting to a broader group of people. While one might assume it’s more fruitful to advertise to 20,000 people as opposed to 2,000 people, that’s not always the case.

In the example above, it’s irrelevant to advertise to an audience still living at home with their parents, in an apartment, rental properties, or retirement communities. When advertising to those specific to the service you’re offering, your lead quality greatly increases.

Quality leads are defined as having a clearer intent to buy your products and services. As mentioned, this is why it’s important to not only know your audience but to understand them.

Micromarketing is an interesting concept that requires some heavy research and social listening. With a thorough understanding of your audience, your campaigns generate quality leads and have great success.

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