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How long does it take to grow a social media following Pt. 3

How long does it take to grow a social media following Pt. 3

This week we’ve explored “Black hat” social media techniques, and why they’re substandard strategies to grow your social following.

To wrap up this three-part series, we’re talking about the importance of growing a following in the most effective and ethical way for your brand.

Social media is, first and foremost, about creating brand awareness. As much as we’d love to promise your business doubled sales and followers in a week through a social strategy, it’s irresponsible and unrealistic.

Social media marketing should never be compared to advertising, as they are two very different things. Social media opens new doors and builds a community for maintaining relationships. Advertising calls attention to the public in a very generic manner to promote products and services.

The awareness social media brings to your community, in time, can turn into brand engagement. Engagement leads to trust, and trust can eventually lead to sales. But this isn’t an overnight process. This can take years, and quite frankly, that’s ok!

It’s important to understand social media success looks different for every business.

As musical icon Bob Seger says, “Mediocrity is easy. The good things take time. The great need commitment.”

Quality over quantity.

The number of followers you have will never matter if they aren’t people who actually take interest in your brand or the type of things you offer.

We’ll forever and always promote quality over quantity. The followers our team works so hard to collect for your brand, are ones that currently relate to your business, or might in the future.

Understanding your audience is a critical part of increasing your social following. Remember, the followers you receive aren’t simply there to “set and forget”. Developing a relationship with them through genuine and thought out comments is a slowly paved road to trust.

Networks are crucial.

It’s a common myth that a business needs to be active on every social platform possible. However, being present in the locations your audience engages in, is more worth the effort in your social strategy.

As experts in social media, our digital team researches your business and core audience demographics to identify the best platforms for you. Just as we believe in quality over quantity with your followers, the same applies for the networks you’re on.

Your investment is better spent where your followers are. Not in an “empty room” of social networks.

Content is key.

The content created and shared for your social strategy is one of the most important parts of social media marketing. As much as a business wants to promote themselves, day in and day out, curating content is just as important.

By providing helpful content from a variety of sources, it builds credibility and trust as an expert in your field. Moreover, the original content created for your brand aides in showing the human side of your business.

Social media marketing is a marathon. A long, well-trained-for marathon! When your strategy is implemented in a thought out and ethical manner, you’ll not only gain followers in time, you’ll gain actual interest in your brand.

If you’re ready to begin a social media strategy for your brand, we’re here to help!

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