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How SEO and website design work together

How SEO and website design work together

The marketing world and website world collide once more. While Search Engine Optimization and web design Omaha NE couldn’t be anymore different, the two strategies often intertwine with one another. 

Indeed, designing is very much a visual discipline that depends on having a good eye and design abilities whilst SEO is dependent on research and search engines. 

However, it is important to understand that the two fields are intertwined. The goal of both SEO and web design is to offer users a high-quality experience that encourages traffic and sales. Here are a few ways that the two work together to achieve this goal:

1. Mobile-friendliness

Web designers need to know how to make a website that is responsive and mobile friendly. 

A website needs to adapt to mobile interfaces so that smartphone users can enjoy a pleasant and intuitive website experience. Fortunately for SEO professionals, mobile-friendliness has become an important ranking factor for search engines such as Google.

In this way, mobile-friendly sites will show up first in rankings before desktop only websites. This is due to the continuous increase in viewers using their smartphones to search on Google. A website that is optimized with SEO strategies and is responsive will rank before its competitors website. 

2. Coding

Most web designers Omaha NE  stick to HTML and CSS coding languages when building their sites. This is helpful when it comes to SEO as search engines tend to favor this type of code compared to an old school version called Flash. 

For all the youngin’s out there, flash slows a website down page by page and is no longer supported in most search engines such as Google. This affects mobile search as well because neither Androids or iPhones will support websites that use flash. 

3. Navigability

Most web designers put a great deal of effort into making their sites easy to navigate in order to optimize the user experience. The easier customers can find the products and services they are looking for, the more likely they are to invest their hard-earned money into a business.

Another notion that works with searchability and SEO is navigation! As states, “ engine will reward sites that offer great experiences to users.” Are consumers and customers constantly clicking out of your website? Well, a website that isn’t easy to navigate is troublesome for design and SEO rankings. 

Even if your website is ranking for the correct keywords, has all the best strategies but has an awful navigation and design - a business will likely start to notice a high bounce rate and slow drop in rank. 

4. Readability 

Web designers Omaha NE use fonts and sizes that are easy to read because it  improves the reliability of the website. 

Readability is linked to SEO in that it dictates how much space is allowed for copy. For example, a site that uses a large font will only allow for a small amount of copy or none at all. This will limit an SEO professional’s scope to include optimized content and could impinge on the site’s search engine rankings. 

As one can see, it is imperative that a web designer Omaha NE works with SEO experts for the best strategies in place. A website with a quality design that is mobile friendly and optimized with the right SEO strategies will do well in search engines. 

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