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When should I update my website?

When should I update my website?

Your business’s website is one of the most important marketing tools your organization can have. Not only should it provide all the information your customers might need, it’s the first impression you give to potential customers!

When it comes to web development Nebraska businesses like ours, we aim to design sites that gain the most traffic possible! With a fantastic user-based design, impactful images and top notch optimization, your website is bound for success!

It’s not uncommon, however, for businesses to evolve, competition to rear up or time to pass. This poses the question, when should your business update it’s website?

A good web development Nebraska based business like ours will tell any organization that updating your website should happen sooner than you might think! And that’s not a sales tactic! We promise!

Why update your website?

First, Google likes fresh content. Fresh content displays a sense of relevancy to search engine and most importantly, users. However, constant website updates is not the only way to create fresh content for search engine indexing. That can simply be done through blogs and other optimization tasks.

In the past, websites were set for years! Every now and then technology would change (RIP Flash) and changes would need to be made to avoid being obsolete. That is still the case, however there are other instances in which your business needs to consider changes from Nebraska web designers and developers.

When the needs of clients change.

As we mentioned before, businesses change, as does your clientele! As the needs of your clients evolve, the information on your website should as well. Maintaining current services, products or even FAQs will make your website fresh and helpful for those who visit.

When competition sneaks in.

We’ve all seen it happen. You’ve been the only business like yours in the market for years. Then all of a sudden a new, similar business creeps up on you! What should you do? Update your website! Add new photographs that show the uniqueness of your business. Create new copy that tells why your business is different and better than the rest.

When traffic is lowering.

The bounce rate of your website and the amount of traffic you’re receiving can be a major indicator that a web development Nebraska based team might need to help you out! When the bounce rate is high and the traffic is low, it’s time to try something new. We highly suggest having this evaluated every six months. Sometimes it can take six months or so for web content to earn value and gain traffic. After six months, reach out to a professional to see what can be done!

Having your website updated doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think it might be. Sometimes it can mean a change in verbage, updated images or a simplified navigation system. Small changes can make a huge impact!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a massive overhaul or some simple tweaks, we’d love to explore your project!

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