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How to Create Compelling Content for Your Audience

How to create interesting content

There is a need for content writers to find the sweet spot between creative content is and how well it has been optimized for search engines. In fact, this is one of the challenges that content marketers face, day in and day out.

The Things That Matter for Compelling Content

There might even be a suggested difference between the SEO and content that keeps emotions of people (human-centrism) at its core.

The idea here is that content marketers need to produce content that is attractive for both search engines as well as people whom the content is intended for.

This may even be seen by a lot of writers as placing a limit on how creative they can be with their content.

So what needs to happen in order for you to create content that compels your audience? And how do you ensure it is attractive enough for Search engines to consider placing it at the top of search engine results?

There are some things that need to happen before your content can rank well. This includes the selection of a popular topic, connecting words with semantics in mind, as well as targeting the elusive featured snippets on Google.

Research on what you write about, however, is paramount.

A Popular Topic to Write On

The right topic involves doing a bit of prior research on your part. Don’t leave it to your imagination. You have to choose something that the target audience will like.

Remember that you are writing it for them and not for yourself. If the two things coincide, that’s a totally different story. But keep a focus on the target audience when selecting your topics.

Define what your target audiences’ preferences are so that you can come up with a topic from an area that is of their interest.

This will give you an idea of what will likely influence the choices of your audience (you’ll have to keep those factors in mind), and therefore you’ll be able to select and target words that will drive them to action. 

For instance, clicking on the link embedded in keywords that will redirect them to a landing page for them to buy a product or be informed about it.

Look at What Others in Your Niche Are Writing

It’s not always likely that you’re going to be creative and write about the things your audience cares about flawlessly. In such a case, or in any case, for that matter, it is good to see what your competing niches and businesses are writing about.

Who knows? It may even inspire you to get creative and build up content.

You will get a fair and clear idea of what makes your competitor’s blogs successful and the topics that make them successful.

It shows you the style of writing that your ideal customers prefer, whether they want fact-based writing or something that tugs their emotional strings or a combination of the two.

By studying your competitors content and their most successful blogs, you’ll be able to focus on the kind of keywords that help with SERP rankings and what allows an engaging and compelling piece to be formulated.

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