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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Reader Hooked to Your Content

Readers want to be entertained and empowered and not just informed

Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts, you are somehow not there yet? You are following the content writing tips dished out by the content marketing mavens, you have been using the right scheduling software and best CMS solutions, you have also been engaging with your probable readers on social media and asking them to subscribe to your email list; but somehow, it doesn’t feel enough because you are failing to see a considerable increase in the readership of your blog posts website copies.

You wrack your brains for ideas and come up with some amazing content and yet you don’t see the outcome you wish to see. What is it that you are lacking? It is probably the inability to cook the information and create a nice, juicy, enjoyable piece that is evergreen. You need to write a piece that not only informs but also evinces a diverse range of emotions and provides useful guidance and actionable insights which the readers can use. Most importantly, you will have to make it memorable and want to make your reader come back to it multiple times. 

There are some simple yet fascinating elements that you can add to your writing to make it more attractive and powerful. 

Some basic ideas

Use lots of white space

One of the easiest ways to make for a compelling read is to give lots of breaks. The paragraphs should be short and the sentences should be succinct. The ideas should be cogent and you don’t need to be verbose. Even when you are writing voluminous articles, use lots of white space, use bullet points, use separate subheads to enunciate related but different ideas, use a mesmerizing headline that explains the crux of the article in a lucid way and ensure that the logical flow of information is maintained. 

Qualify your ideal readers

Paint a persona of the readers whom you want to target. Qualify them for your post i.e. make it amply clear right from the beginning whom this article is for. That way you won’t be frustrating readers who were misled into reading it because of a confusing headline or wrong keyword choice and help save your reputation. You will also create a stronger bond with the readers who really matter. Rather than targeting every one and reaching no one, it’s better to reach a handful that react positively to your content and take favorable actions based on your message. 

Use the storytelling technique

Whether you are a B2C or a B2B content marketer, create passion and interest by using the elements that a writer uses. The six key elements are a plot, a context or a setting, an apt atmosphere, the right characteristics, a point of view and a conflict. 

Make it personal

Use real incidents from your own life or someone else’s with which your readers can relate. Don’t talk of vague ideas and hypothetical situations. Talk of actionable ideas. Make your reader realize how your idea, product or service can affect him personally- address the pain points but also talk of the solutions.

Use meaningful analogies

Analogies and parallels are often very interesting and also help to elucidate points which are otherwise difficult to explain. You can’t always think straight. You need to find resemblances between your products, ideas or the industry you represent with other interesting ideas and concepts, which you are sure your audience understands and appreciates. But, make sure they are meaningful and logical and easy to comprehend. 

Use these simple techniques and you will see a surge in the readership of your blog posts and online articles in a short span of time. Be objective, cogent but don’t try to state the obvious always. If you want to be a successful content writer, you will have to be a great mind reader and understand the pulse of the audience in a jiffy. 

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