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How to Make the Perfect Headline

Writing compelling headlines

Do know how to create super catchy headlines?

Every digital marketer knows a headline can make or break their work. The saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression,” and it is not far from the truth.  The headline will either draw a reader in or turn them away.

Therefore, it is crucial for your content to have the an attention-grabbing  headline.

Whether the article is being shared on social media or listed on a search engine results page , your headline needs to stand. Hook the reader in. Lure them to your content. Otherwise, you will never get the views.

Think about it. On average, how many headlines do you skim and skip every day? Perhaps they seem boring or irrelevant. Maybe you’ve seen a similar article ten times before. Yet because those headlines didn’t catch your attention, you will never know what kind of content was just a click away.

Similarly, your audience will never read your articles if all they see are boring, stereotypical headlines. It’s time for to differentiate yourself from other   content creators and draw your audience in. Here are four tips for writing the perfect headline.

The Numbers Game

Listicles are all the rage, and why wouldn’t they be? They are a clear-cut way to get your information to your audience. Even better, it is clear-cut information your audience can  read. The headlines are specific and tell the readers what (and how much) to expect out of the article.

Listicles are valuable when you have information that can be easily broken down into various sections or segments. If this article were a listicle, we could use a headline such as “Top Ten Ways to Make the Perfect Headline.”

The Questions

Curiosity killed the cat but it can intrigue your readers.

Question headlines can be extremely effective when they are executed properly. You don’t want to ask easily answerable questions that will bore readers and prevent them from clicking on your article. Instead, choose exciting and thought-provoking headlines that readers can’t quickly answer in their head. For example, if you were covering the royal wedding, you may ask, “How will Meghan Markle change British monarchy?”

The Personalization

‘You’ is a three-letter word that can do wonders to your headline because it makes the it  seem more personal. When readers read the word “you,” they instantly wonder if the content will apply to them. For example, “Did you know these unknown facts about Harry Potter?” sounds more convincing than a simple headline that reads, “Unknown facts about Harry Potter.”

Short and Sweet

A long and complicated headline is a major turn off for readers. If they can’t understand the headline, what makes them want to try and understand the entire article?

Your headline is bait to reel readers in. This is why you need to keep it clear and concise.

When writing headlines, avoid the following:

  • Showing off your vocabulary in the headline
  • Peppering it with too many adjectives
  • Making it sound like clickbait
  • Having more than 6-10 words

If you are worried about testing new headline styles, you can always test them by using alternating headlines on social media accounts to see which headline gains more traffic.

If you apply these simple tricks to your headlines, you will maximize the potential of your articles. Are you ready to get those readers hooked?

How are your headlines?

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