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How to Use Periscope to Drive Customer Engagement?

Periscope, formed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein for iOS and Android operating systems, is a live video streaming application. It was acquired by Twitter prior to the launch in 2015. Although its reach is still limited, many businesses have started to experiment with it to provide customer service and education. They believe that it could be a credible alternative to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc where real time engagement possibilities are still limited.

Periscope is an app that gives businesses a chance to humanize their brand and share an interesting brand story. Customers and prospects don’t want to know the monolithic brand but the inspiring journey of the people who have made the brand or run the show. 

Apart from being educated and empowered, they want to be involved right from the conceptualization stage of a product development and want to share their important feedback so that the product or service can be personalized as per the requirements of an individual or a small group and solves specific needs perfectly rather than being a one-size-fits-all product. People today don’t accept the one-size-fits-all approach. 

How can Periscope build connect your brand to your prospective customers?

Here are some ideas that you can use to involve your customers and prospects in your brand building process. 

Product demonstrations and tutorials

Live product demonstrations and small tutorial sessions are always valued by customers and prospects since these help to clear a number of doubts that the audience had on their mind. Instead of allowing a time lag, you can take direct questions from the viewers of your live video and immediately provide them with satisfactory explanations. It also allows you to know your customers better, especially if you have a small audience. It creates an environment of trust and mutual respect. By offering tuitions for free, you can also position yourself as an authority on the domain. 

Interactive customer service

Many customers use mobile devices to access the social media today. Periscope offers a unique opportunity for companies to provide on the go services to the customers. Periscope could be used for interacting and providing clarifications, providing answers to questions that a customer needs for after sale service or when waiting for a product to arrive, make a lead move to a lower level in the sales funnel, or for providing live shopper assistance. 

Behind the scenes

Give your prospects a glimpse into the daily struggles and journey through a product development process. You can also give them a virtual tour of your state of the art facility and show them how all the safety standards are maintained. You could also do a reporting from the sidelines of an important industry event or one of your sponsored events.

Live product launch

Product launches and press conferences can now be done via Periscope. Rather than waiting for the traditional media coverage or for augmenting your publicity drive, you could engage your target audience by doing a live product launch or breaking an important piece of news. You could also make them Periscope-only special discounts and offers and see how the audience count swells up. You can not only showcase your products but address concerns or get feedback on a real time basis.

Defuse a crisis situation

If there is a PR crisis or negative publicity, you or the top rung executives from your company can directly address the issues and end the rumors by connecting to your stakeholders through Periscope. It has a soothing effect on the frayed nerves of investors and customers, shocked by the crisis.

There are other advantages and uses of Periscope too. Start using it and discover them yourself. You will see a paradigm shift to your customer engagement processes and also a greater conversion.  Let us talk to you have creating a video strategy!  

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