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Some Influencer Marketing Tactics to Drive Brand Engagement

Influencer marketing- how it has changed the marketing game?

Influencer marketing is the current heartthrob of digital marketers for a reason. Influencers have a face and by agreeing to promote or endorse a brand, they make the brand personable and relatable.

Influencer marketing increases visibility of a brand among the kind of audience it is seeking.  This is not all. The brand can cash in on the power of persuasion and the credibility of the influencer to drive a message home with the audience. The target is more likely to believe a social influencer, be it a social media friend, family member or a well-known social media celebrity whom he follows and adores than an advertisement which often uses hyperbole and exaggeration to promote the product. Use of hyperbole often shrouds the actual benefits and features of the product and makes it difficult for the prospect to do a genuine, unbiased comparative analysis between competing products.

Advertisements are also intrusive in nature, which is detested and disliked by most prospects. Influencer marketing happens within the ambit of a free-flowing discussion where the coaxing and beckoning is not apparent.

Prospective customers can debate and discuss the merit of the product with the influencer as well as other community members and also get their doubts clarified. The one on one discussion is direct and to the point. There is also lesser chance of misinterpretation.

Why do you need to create a clearly defined influencer persona?

Clearly defining your influencer persona is important because not all influencers will be relevant to your marketing effort or do justice. Getting an A-list movie star may work wonders for an FMCG product but when you are marketing a B2B product like CRM software or some other software that improves productivity in an organization, you would probably target a well known IT and software blogger who has a big following among companies that you are eyeing.

It can’t be random. When you are trying to sell financial products, you will need to get endorsement from a financial expert even if you get a celebrity to endorse it through traditional media. Your targets in this case are probably well to do executives and young entrepreneurs who won’t buy a product simply because a star endorser tells them to. They have to be convinced by producing relevant facts at the time of discussion. A pundit, who understands the domain and also the product that he is endorsing, will have a much better chance because he will discuss the merits, demerits (if any) and provide a comprehensive analysis of the product vis-à- vis other products in the market.

Some influencer marketing tactics that will drive greater engagement

1. Build strong partnerships and relationships between brands: One good way to create your influencer persona is to collaborate and create partnerships between your brand and the influencer’s brand. This way, you often get access to previously inaccessible prospects. Also, you can leverage each other’s marketing channels better and it creates a more powerful brand voice.

2. Pay the influencers or give them generous rewards: Sometimes, an influencer may decide to promote a brand under some obligations or genuine love for the brand. But, in most cases, even though it is not as apparent as “paid media”, many social influencers have to be paid for their services. You may also have to give them free coupons, product samples, gifts and other concessions.

3. Show your appreciation to the prospects, customers and supporters also: One easy way to drive engagement is to make your influencers share downloadable gifts, coupons, passes to concerts, cash benefits, etc so that the prospects have one more incentive other than the endorsement of the influencer to look forward to your product.

Influencer marketing is important in most B2C and even B2B niches and can’t be kept out of your marketing campaigns. This native promotion provides extremely high rates of return at relatively low costs. Don’t miss the chance to create closer, stronger relationships through influencer marketing channels.  Let us help you tap into the Influencer market!  

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