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Images and Social Media

Images and Social Media

Long before the age of digital media, an Omaha marketing agency would work tirelessly at creating intensive campaigns for commercials, print ads and even purchase the best spot in the phone book. It’s interesting to see how media has grown progressively over time.

Fun fact: the entire concept of marketing began with the Industrial Revolution. The cost of products and building infrastructure made purchasing for consumers much easier. After World War II, business competition got stronger, thus creating the need to sell in a direct and authentic way. A la marketing!

While traditional marketing is still alive and well, digital marketing has certainly crept up in the industry. Is our Omaha marketing agency the new Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency? We sure think so.

Digital marketing - The new era.

Digital marketing first entered the picture in the early 90s with a clickable banner ad purchased by AT&T. From there, digital marketing spread like wildfire! Email campaigns, search engines, websites and social media. It's crazy to dream up the future from here!

Digital marketing is the strategies implemented through modern media to connect with the audience of a business or organization. With clearly defined goals of what a business wants to achieve, an Omaha marketing agency like ours can begin developing a plan to reach their audience in a memorable way.

While marketing has evolved immensely over time, we can’t help but recognize the one common denominator in successful traditional and digital marketing practices.


Marketing and Visuals.

Back in the days of television and posters, visual aspects of an advertising campaign were crucial! Today, impactful images are just as important as ever! While the trends in images and design are guaranteed to change, the impression they must leave will always stay consistent!

Did you know only ten percent of people will retain information they’ve heard after three days? While 65% remembers the same information when it’s paired with an image.

To get specific, Twitter performs 150% better with images while Facebook receives twice as much engagement than posts without images. The proof is in the pudding!

So what does this mean for Omaha graphic design firms and digital marketing agencies? We need images.

Visuals - But how?

As a long time and trusted Omaha marketing agency, we understand a business needs avenues of access for social, web and advertising images. Fortunately, Omaha Media Group has some of the best graphic designers in Omaha! Through their experience and guidance, they can help any business multiply their image library.

  1. Branding photography. Hiring a professional photographer in the community is the best way to get impactful images. Not only are professional photographers trained to portray your business in the best light (literally), they can produce volumes of images that can be used for months at a time.

  2. Have visuals designed. Consider infographics, animations, gifs - heck, even a pie chart. Visuals that lead the human eye to connect with information tend to keep eyes on a page longer. Keep in mind, however, that custom designed visuals take time!

  3. Take mobile photos! That’s right. While it’s always a best practice to have as high quality of an image as possible, sometimes a professional is out of the cards. Better yet, a business has decided to supplement professional branding images with on-the-job or in-the-field images. Don’t know how to take an Instagram-worthy image on your iPhone? That’s ok. We have a guide for that.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving visual experience for consumers and businesses across the world. While Don Draper couldn’t exactly ask his clients for mobile photos, he most certainly understood the importance of a good visual.

Need digital marketing?

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